Recycling for a Cause in Canada: Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

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As a Canadian-based operator of luxury hotels and resorts, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts operates properties in 19 countries including the United States. With the Clean the World program in place at locations from California to New York, even Hawaii, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts has been a key participant in the Global Hygiene Revolution. The Fairmont partnership is paramount to Clean the World.

Fairmont has always been loyal and passionate about its mission to protect the environment and assist those who are struggling. When Clean the World extended north in 2015 with a program that would improve the lives of Canadians in need while diverting hotel waste from landfills, Fairmont jumped at the opportunity.

One remarkable example of commitment to the environment is the recycling program at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. The Chateau has an extensive recycling program including plastics, metals, beverage containers, all paper products, styrofoam, cigarettes butts, natural corks, glass, porcelain, electronics, light bulbs, batteries, chemical hazardous waste, used cooking oil, wood skids, crayons, tires, toner cartridges, and mattresses. Moreover, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is among the first hotels to participate in the Clean the World program in Canada and the only 05 Green Key Hotel in the Banff National Park.

Fairmont’s participation is something to celebrate, as Canada is a significant player in the hotel industry with more than 8,000 hospitality establishments comprising over 440,000 rooms. About 400,000 soap bars end up in Canadian landfills every day, equaling about 150 million bars per year.

In addition to benefitting the environment, Fairmont’s efforts support community and humanitarian organizations throughout the provinces. With nearly 800 food banks in the country and around 3 million Canadians living in poverty, there is a tremendous need for the basic hygiene amenities provided through the Clean the World program. Clean the World reaches a vast amount of the Canadian population through donations to food banks. Up to 23 percent of Canadians use food banks regularly, with a fluctuating homeless population of around 200,000.

Since we launched Clean the World Canada, more than 170 hotels spanning nine provinces have joined the program, with Alberta leading the way. From Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver, to the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto, all the way to the coast of Newfoundland, you can find hotels engaging in sustainable practices that ultimately benefit the people of Canada.

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts leads the way, meeting its corporate social responsibility goals of reducing environmental impact, and creating long-term sustainability and stewardship by strategically integrating the innovative Clean the World program. Fairmont diverts tens of thousands of pound of waste from North American each year.

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