Welcome Our Largest Hilton Partner Property

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“We are so pleased that a local act as easy
as repurposing our partially used soap
can have a positive global impact!”
– Jo Licata, Community Projects Manager
Hilton San Francisco Union Square

Join Clean the World in welcoming our largest Hilton Worldwide partner property, Hilton San Francisco Union Square.

Why is this so amazing? Hilton San Francisco Union Square is one of the largest Hilton properties in the world. With one of the largest room counts for a Hilton property, this contribution means Clean the World will collect more soap than ever for recycling!

As a company, Hilton fully supports sustainability and implements real-world solutions with real impact. Hilton has contributed to the creation of about 800,000 bars of soap, diverting over 116 tons of waste from entering landfills. This contribution means hundreds of thousands of children have received life-saving soap thanks to Hilton.

Hilton knows it is important not just to create a sustainability plan to better the environment, but also to do greater good in lives worldwide. Through the Clean the World mission of global hygiene, Hilton has its hand in saving lives around the world. According to the World Health Organization hand washing is the simplest and most effective way to prevent illness and disease. Bottom line, soap is vital for healthy living. By providing access to soap and hygiene education, Clean the World helps reduce the mortality rate among children across the globe, in more than 100 countries.

We are pleased to have Hilton as a key partner and are proud to call them a leader in sustainable practices. From Hilton San Francisco Union Square to Hilton Paris Opera Hotel, the hundreds of Hilton properties partnering with Clean the World are passionate about recycling soap and saving lives, a commitment evident in the company’s impact numbers and continued support.

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