School Attendance Leaps 45% During Kenya Program

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Handwashing demonstrationIn November, we wrapped up our inaugural nine-month Soap in Schools Program in Kenya, and we have the final results. Across the 12 schools, serving more than 4,000 children, we saw an overall reduction in hygiene-related illnesses (diarrheal diseases, pneumonia, and skin infections) of 56 percent. And school attendance increased 45 percent from when the program started at the beginning of 2016!

These numbers are huge for a few reasons. They show that our work achieved an impact in the first 90 days and that we were able to sustain that impact for the duration of the nine-month program. The outcome bodes well for our other Soap in Schools programs taking place or soon launching in other parts of the world. And it proves the power of soap and proper hand washing in making a significant impact on global health.

The results are a powerful indicator that we are on the right track with Clean the World’s mission. Thousands of kids are now healthier because of our work. They are going to school, getting an education, and will hopefully break the cycle of poverty that has plagued their families for generations. For many, this program might be a turning point in their lives — and for us, it shows just how impactful soap can be.

We’ve identified ways to carry this work forward through new partnerships in Kenya this year, so look for more details soon. We’ll also be sharing our first impact numbers from Tanzania soon as well. And as we move into 2017, we looking forward to launching outcome-based programs and partnerships in India, China, and beyond.

Thank you for being a partner in our life-changing mission and for everything you do to support us.

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