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LATHER Becomes Silver Sponsor for Gala

LATHER, a branded and custom amenities provider to distinctive hotel properties, has joined in celebration of Clean the World by becoming a Silver Sponsor for the Inaugural Clean the World Gala. The event is scheduled Saturday, Nov. 5, at The Peabody Orlando.

LATHER’s $3,000 sponsorship helps raise awareness and support for Clean the World and its efforts to promote a global hygiene revolution, something that is close to the heart of LATHER’s own mission.

“Our company is committed to helping our environment with the promotion of sustainable, eco-friendly products ,” says Rob Hoyt, president at LATHER. “Our hotel amenities feature quality ingredients that are clean and simple, which works well with the concept of Clean the World. We appreciate that Clean the World is able to collect, sanitize and repurpose our products to help save the lives of others in an environmentally friendly way.”

LATHER joins a growing and impressive list of sponsors for the Inaugural Clean the World Gala. A full list of sponsors may be found here.

“We’re excited to have LATHER join our list of corporate sponsors and are really looking forward to a wonderful Gala celebration,” says Shawn Seipler, CEO at Clean the World. “By supporting our Gala our hospitality partners emphasize their commitment to sustainable, socially responsible programs at properties throughout North America and, eventually, the world.”

Individual tickets and table sponsorships are still available for the Gala, but time is growing short. If you or your colleagues would like to attend the Gala or group together to improve your opportunities for business networking at our event, please register now to make it happen. The Gala is a celebration of the hospitality industry’s embrace of Clean the World, and we’re all looking forward to making this night a fun, fundraising event for all.


“Mr. Brickhouse” Helps Clean the World

Thomas McClary, Lionel Ritchie, and Ronald LaPreade of The Commodores.

They call him “Mr. Brickhouse.” You may not immediately recall the name, but you’ll certainly recognize the music.

Thomas McClary, founder of The Commodores, is bringing a rich history of music, faith and wisdom in support of Clean the World.

McClary, who wrote more than 25 percent of all the songs for The Commodores and co-produced hits such as “Three Times a Lady”, “Easy”, “Lady You Bring Me Up” and “Sail On”, will be a special guest at the Inaugural Clean the World Gala, Saturday, Nov. 5, at The Peabody Orlando.

An Orlando resident since 1967, McClary is a frequent visitor to the Clean the World soap recycling facility in downtown Orlando, and he’s been instrumental in spreading the word about Clean the World’s efforts to stop the spread of preventable diseases with soap.

“Clean the World has certainly touched the heart and soul of so many people around the world with its desire to eradicate disease and save lives,” McClary says. “Soap and water are things too many of us take for granted, until it’s not available. Clean the World has zeroed in on the benefits of soap and the power it has to stop the spread of fatal disease. I’m certainly touched by that and happy to help spread the word.”

In addition to The Commodores, where he collaborated with his friend Lionel Ritchie, McClary has worked with music superstars such as Diana Ross, Kenny Rogers, The Four Tops, James Ingram, and Melissa Manchester. His contacts within the music industry, and the friendships he has established over the years, may have far-reaching benefits for Clean the World and the people who will benefit from receiving recycled soaps and bottled amenities.

“We all travel and stay in nice hotels and resorts, and certainly, we all use soap,” McClary says. “Clean the World is providing a much-needed and easy to understand solution for people who don’t have such luxuries. I’m glad your hotel partners have made a strong commitment to help people who are less fortunate receive a little more care and comfort.”

McClary and the original members of The Commodores are back in the studio again working on a CD that he hopes will be “ready to hit the streets” by April 2012.

“The CD is being recorded in Orlando and Los Angeles,” McClary says. “It’s all new music, and it’s fun to bring some history and the heartbeat of the music from the 1970s, while marching to the commercial appetites of today’s consumers.”

Look for McClary at the Inaugural Clean the World Gala and sing a few lyrics from your favorite Commodores song. He’ll take it from there.

“It’s a privilege to touch people with music,” he says. “It brings great joy.”


NBA Coach Brings Passion to Clean the World

There’s no professional basketball in the immediate future. The lockout situation continues for the National Basketball Association, and the first few weeks of the NBA season have already been removed from the schedule. So a lot of NBA players and coaches have time on their hands as they wait and wonder if the 2011-2012 will ever begin.

Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy is making great use of his time by volunteering in several central Florida communities, and helping Clean the World. Van Gundy has been a vocal supporter of Clean the World for months, and he’s recorded several public service announcements and promotional videos on behalf of its lifesaving soap recycling program.

Here’s a story that displays Van Gundy’s enthusiasm for Clean the World, and why he is proud to be a supporter of this organization.

“The Coach” will be attending the Inaugural Clean the World Gala on Nov. 5 at The Peabody Orlando. He’ll meet and greet guests, sign autographs, talk basketball, and about how soap can save lives.

Thank you, Stan Van Gundy. Your kind of passion is always welcome – on the basketball court and off.


Hollywood Cleans Up with Mariana Klaveno

Actress Mariana Klaveno celebrated a birthday this week. But that is just one of the accomplishments that seem to be piling up recently for the Hollywood starlet.

In just a few months, Klaveno has gone from a critically acclaimed and fan-favorite role as Lorena on HBO’s “True Blood” series, to a new role in the white-hot Showtime series, “Dexter.” A TNT movie, “Innocent”, is scheduled for broadcast Nov. 29 and, yes, she’s also getting married soon.

In between all that, though, is something Klaveno truly treasures – her role as celebrity spokesperson for Clean the World. She will be presenting at the Inaugural Clean the World and will have an opportunity to meet with the hospitality industry professionals who are helping Clean the World.

“I had a chance while filming ‘Innocent’ in Vancouver to visit the Clean the World recycling operations center,” Klaveno says. “I spent some time with the women from Mission Possible who work there, heard their stories, and really connected with them while we were all scraping soaps. It was a very rewarding experience.”

Klaveno has recorded public service announcements for Clean the World, such as this one promoting the Text 2 Donate fundraising option, and another to promote the Gala. Her visibility as a spokesperson for Clean the World helps bring attention to the mission of recycling soap and saving lives.

“It’s such a simple thing, isn’t it?” she asks. “Yet when people really hear the numbers of children who die from disease because of lack of soap, it’s heartbreaking. Especially when you consider all the soap that is thrown away in the hospitality industry each day. I’m proud of the Clean the World partners who have joined the global hygiene revolution to save lives with soap, and look forward to meeting many at the Gala. Thanks for helping Clean the World.”


Clean the World Offers Carbon Neutral Deliveries with UPS

Clean the World is working with UPS to ensure that all deliveries of soaps and bottled amenities from Clean the World will be recognized as “carbon neutral” and eligible to earn carbon offset credits to help protect our planet.

UPS offers carbon neutral shipping to Clean the World and its participating hospitality partners. As part of this innovative program, all collection bins and packages shipped via UPS will be specially marked with the UPS carbon neutral shipment logo. The special logo is a symbol of Clean the World’s commitment to reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2) impact from shipping, and the desire of our more than 1,200 hospitality partners throughout North America to promote sustainability and social responsibility.

UPS purchases certified carbon (CO2) offsets to help balance out the emissions produced by the transportation of shipments, including soaps and bottled amenities, as they are distributed around the world. UPS has supported projects that include reforestation, landfill gas destruction, wastewater treatment, and methane destruction.

“Consistent with our commitment to sustainability and protecting our planet, carbon neutral shipping through UPS is an exciting, new and valuable component to our hospitality partnership program,” says Shawn Seipler, CEO at Clean the World. “We’re happy to take part in a socially responsibly shipping solution, and we encourage our hotel partners to do the same so we can save lives with soap while creating a cleaner world.”

Clean the World receives and ships large volumes of soaps and bottled amenities each day, so this carbon neutral program with UPS should be an excellent fit. Since February 2009 Clean the World has distributed more than 9 million bars of soap and more than 500,000 lbs. of bottled amenities in the United States, Canada and more than 45 countries.


Marietta Corp. – Platinum Sponsor for Our Gala

Marietta Corporation, a leading hotel amenities provider to the hospitality industry worldwide, stepped up in a big way by becoming a Platinum Sponsor for the Inaugural Clean the World Gala. The event is scheduled Saturday, Nov. 5, at The Peabody Orlando.

Marietta joins an impressive list of corporate sponsors who are proudly displaying their continuing support for Clean the World by sponsoring the Gala. Click here for a list of our corporate sponsors.

“We’re pleased and proud to be a Platinum Sponsor for the Inaugural Clean the World Gala,” says Donald W. Sturdivant, CEO at Marietta Corp. “The hospitality industry is embracing the concept of sustainabillity and socially responsible programs to limit the amount of hotel waste and leverage our resources to help improve hygiene conditions for people in need. Clean the World is a leader in this effort, and we’re happy to partner with them in advancing a global hygiene revolution.”

Marietta’s sponsorship at the $10,000 level provides a timely boost to the Gala, which is now less than three weeks away. The Gala is a celebration of the hospitality industry’s embrace of Clean the World’s sustainable and socially responsible programs, and it should a fun night for all involved.

The Inaugural Clean the World Gala features cultural dancing and live entertainment representing several countries who receive soaps from Clean the World. Fine dining, live musical entertainment, heartwarming stories and images, and an opportunity to meet celebrities from Hollywood, the music industry, the NBA and NFL promise to make this a spectacular evening in Orlando.

Have you reserved your spot at that party? Tickets and table sponsorships are going fast. Join us for a night of fine food, fun and fundraising. Register online to attend our Inaugural Clean the World Gala. We’ll see you there!


Distribution Makes a World of Difference

You’ve often heard and read about Clean the World’s accomplishment of distributing more than 9 million bars of soap and more than 6.2 million bottled amenities in the United States, Canada and in more than 45 other countries.

But where do the soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions and gels ultimately go? You may be surprised to learn the answer.

Clean the World successfully works with more than 1,200 hotel partners to collect and recycle hotel soaps for distribution to children and families in need. What you may not know is that Clean the World also encourages and receives a substantial number of donations from schools, church groups, corporations, community organizations, and individuals with a shared goal of helping others stop the spread of preventable disease with soap.

And many of these items go to domestic homeless shelters, rescue missions, women’s shelters and children’s charities that have expressed a need and desire for hygiene items to comfort those in their care. [Note: If you know of an organization in need of hygiene supplies, please click here to request relief help from Clean the World.]

Since its founding in February 2009, Clean the World has distributed 1,042,917 lbs. of soap and 581,754 lbs. of shampoos, conditioners, lotions and gels to people in need.
In addition to soaps and standard hotel bottled amenities, Clean the World also shipped 48,000 bottles of hand sanitizing foams and gels to communities in Haiti to help stop the spread of disease.

More recently, Clean the World delivered 2,500 hygiene kits to communities in the Dominican Republic through an organization called FUNDHUBA, a D.R.-based non-profit that works in rural areas promoting hygiene issues. The kits, which contain soaps and bottled amenities, are wrapped in reusable PeopleTowels that were donated specifically for distribution to children and families overseas. Another 4,000 kits will be shipped to Haiti this week, with plans to send thousands more to Honduras and, possibly, Guatemala and Nicaragua in the near future.

Earlier this year, Clean the World formed a special partnership with Harvest Time International. Each week Harvest Time picks up a semi-truck of sanitized bottled amenities and re-distributes them to domestic homeless shelters and other non-profits across the Caribbean and Latin America.

Clean the World has also been involved in major worldwide relief efforts. More than 2 million bars of soap have been distributed in Haiti, most of it through a series of soap distribution trips following the Jan. 2010 earthquake and subsequent cholera outbreak. But Haiti is not the only beneficiary of such generosity on the part of our partners and supporters. Through a series of additional distribution partnerships, Clean the World delivered hygiene kits, soaps, bottled amenities and bottled water to victims of the tornadoes in Joplin, Mo., and earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan, Pakistan and the Philippines.

In the United States and Canada, Clean the World frequently donates soaps and hygiene-related items to The Salvation Army, Las Vegas Rescue Mission, New Missions, Fresh Start Ministries, Opportunity House, Bronx Neighborhood Cluster Program and many more deserving organizations that have requested hygiene items from Clean the World.

This Christmas season, as we did last year, we will work with our friends at Project Shoebox and many other church groups across the United States to deliver much needed hygiene products in shoeboxes for those hurting right here at home.

You can help, too. If you know of any organizations that can benefit from receiving soaps and bottled amenities from Clean the World, please visit our website and let us know. We are the leaders of a global hygiene revolution, but we will not overlook those who are struggling in our own backyard. Soap saves lives, and it all starts with passion and a willingness to help others. Thanks for helping Clean the World.


Global Handwashing Day Success – 15,300 Soap Bars Recycled

Clean the World helped celebrate Global Handwashing Day (Oct. 15) with more than 100 volunteers from the University of Central Florida recycling soap at Clean the World’s facility in downtown Orlando.

The volunteers, part of VolunteerUCF, helped surface-clean hotel soaps as step one in the recycling process, which will ultimately lead to soaps being distributed to local homeless shelters, women’s shelters, missions and individual families in need throughout Central Florida.

The volunteers set a goal for themselves – 10,000 bars of soap in two hours – and they blew it away with passion, tremendous effort and fun.

A total of 15,300 bars of soap were recycled by the end of their volunteer service, enough to provide more than 1,500 children with soap for an entire month. And the experience was rewarding for all involved. Here are some quotes from the volunteers:

– “This is exactly what students need – a chance to grow through community involvement,” says Michael Gibson. “You just have to have the right motivation.”

– “What a great way to spend a Saturday,” says Patricia Hall. “Helping other people.”

– “I really enjoy feeling like I made an impact,” says Aupala Huq.

– “I enjoyed learning about the cause and process,” says Vishan Samaroo.

– “On behalf of the Black Alumni Chapter of the UCF Alumni Association, it was a great privilege working with such an extraordinary organization,” says Lawrence Gardenhire. “Glad we were able to help. Godspeed.”

– “I had a very fun experience cleaning soap and helping a good cause,” says Teneshia Huggins. “I learned something new today, and I’m glad I came.”

Global Handwashing Day support was also received from two key Clean the World partners – PeopleTowels and American Cleaning Institute (ACI). The volunteers all received PeopleTowels, eco-friendly and reusable towels that help promote personal hygiene and prevent landfill waste, and educational materials from ACI were provided to help spread the message about the importance of personal hygiene.


World Vision Loads First Truck with Soap from Soap Press

How’s this for an immediate return on investment?

The Clean the World soap press is already providing dividends in the form of soap to be delivered in communities overseas.

World Vision, one of Clean the World’s largest non-governmental organization (NGO) distribution partners, sent a truck to Clean the World headquarters in Orlando on Oct. 18, to pick up freshly recycled soap bars. And there was plenty to pick up when they arrived.

The truck was filled with 20 pallets of soaps – an estimated 103,680 bars of soap – that will soon find its way into the hands of children and families in need.

World Vision has field offices in countries all around the world. Soaps provided by Clean the World are distributed as part of hygiene kits in communities where soaps are in short supply, and often where regular hand washing with soap can mean the difference between life and death. Click here for a list of countries where Clean the World and World Vision have partnered to distribute soaps.

This first pickup of freshly pressed soaps from Clean the World represents the beginning of bi-monthly pickups for World Vision. Two truckloads of soap each month will be processed, packaged, picked up and placed in communities of greatest need.

And World Vision is not the only partner distributing soaps from Clean the World. A new partnership with Children International kicks off in late October with a similar arrangement. Two trucks each month will be filled with Clean the World soaps and included in Children International deliveries to Asia, with a specific emphasis on communities in Philippines.

Harvest Time International makes regular monthly pickups of bottled amenities for distribution to foreign countries and also to domestic homeless shelters and missions.

Clean the World works with a number of NGO partners to distribute soaps and bottled amenities, and we’re always looking for more. If you know of or work for an organization that would like to distribute hygiene items from Clean the World, please contact Rosanna Kingston (rkingston@ctw2.wpstagecoach.com) to work out the arrangements.


Positive Impact: Central Florida Marriott Business Council

Central Florida Marriott Business Council, a sponsor of the Inaugural Clean the World Gala, is showing what kind of impact a dedicated group of hotel properties can have when they make a decision to help Clean the World.

The council of 17 Central Florida hotel properties, representing a variety of Marriott brands throughout the region, will be well-represented at the Gala – in person and with the soaps and bottled amenities they have collected for Clean the World.

Since partnering with Clean the World in 2009, the Central Florida Marriott Business Council properties have made 466 shipments to Clean the World, collecting a grand total of 28,625 lbs. of soap and 14,413 lbs. of bottled amenities.

The Orlando Marriott World Center alone has collected 11,230 lbs. of soap and 4,470 lbs. of bottled amenities for recycling and distribution to children and families in need all around the world.

The overall contributions from the Council have helped provide hygiene items for 30,533 children and families in the United States, Canada and more than 45 countries.

“Having received such tremendous support from these Marriott properties in our own backyard, we are confident that we will see similarly successful results with other Marriott properties throughout North America as word spreads about Clean the World,” says Shawn Seipler, co-founder and CEO of Clean the World. “The Central Florida Marriott Business Council helped us establish a strong foothold of hotel properties in Central Florida, and it is on that foundation, supported by nearly 1,200 hotel partners throughout North America, that we will grow in the future.”

Click here for a list of properties involved in the Central Florida Marriott Business Council.



Mariana Klaveno to Attend Inaugural Clean the World Gala

Actress Mariana Klaveno (Showtime’s “Dexter” and HBO’s “True Blood”) will attend the Inaugural Clean the World Gala to be held Saturday, Nov. 5, at The Peabody Orlando. Register here now!

Klaveno, an active supporter and celebrity spokesperson for Clean the World, visited Orlando recently and recorded a promo for the Gala, which includes a personal invite for you to attend this fun, fundraising event.

Joining Klaveno for the Inaugural Gala are a number of friends and supporters of Clean the World. Tom Sorrells, chief meteorologist at WKMG-Local 6 (CBS-Orlando), will host the event. Other special guests at the Gala include Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy and Thomas McClary, one of the original founders of The Commodores.

An impressive array of corporate sponsors have signed-on in support of the Inaugural Clean the World Gala, including The Walt Disney World Resorts, Caesars Entertainment, The American Cleaning Institute, Starwood Worldwide, Marriott Central Florida Business Council, Universal Orlando Resort and Visit Orlando.

Another Gala sponsor should lend additional excitement to the event, especially for sports fans. The NFL Alumni Association has agreed to send several former NFL players, including some former Super Bowl champions, to mix and mingle at the event. The NFL Alumni will offer a host of items at the Silent Auction to help with the fundraising effort.

“We’re enthusiastic about the support for our first Gala event, and are really excited to make this happen as part of our global hygiene revolution,” says Shawn Seipler, co-founder and CEO of Clean the World. “This is our opportunity to thank our loyal partners and friends and show them what their support has been able to accomplish for so many children and families around the world. It’s a chance to have fun, raise money, and extend business contacts to help our partners grow together to help Clean the World.”

The Inaugural Clean the World Gala will feature cultural dancing from several of the 45 countries who have received soaps and hygiene supplies from Clean the World. It is hosted by The Peabody Orlando, a luxurious Orlando hotel that was one of the early hotel partners to join Clean the World’s soap recycling program.

Corporate and table sponsorships are still available, as are individual tickets to attend the Inaugural Clean the World Gala. Register today to reserve your spot at the party.


The Soap Press Is Here!

You may soon be seeing soap bubbles in downtown Orlando, Fla.

Clean the World, an Orlando-based social enterprise that collects, recycles and distributes hotel soaps and bottled amenities to stop the spread of preventable diseases, welcomed the delivery of its first soap press, which will automate the soap recycling process and produce substantially more soap for children and families in need.

With the soap press running at full capacity for an entire work day in the Orlando facility, Clean the World will be able to produce 80,000 soap bars per day for children and families all around the world. That equates to:

• 5,555 soap bars per hour

• 92 bars per minute

• 1.5 bars per second or 3 bars every 2 seconds

The soap press was acquired in early September and delivered Sept. 26, just in time for assembly and unveiling at an invitation-only event that included Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, Orlando City Commissioner Patty Sheehan, Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy, real estate developer Craig Ustler, and Thomas McClary, an Orlando resident and one of the co-founders of The Commodores. Clean the World Foundation board members, Dr. Paul Skomsky and Mark Rucker, were also in attendance, along with fellow board members and Clean the World co-founders, Shawn Seipler and Paul Till.

Seipler, CEO of Clean the World, anticipates using the soap press to dramatically increase the daily output of recycled soaps produced in the Orlando facility from the present 10,000 per day to 80,000 per day.

“Our goal is to put more soap in the hands of people who need it most,” Seipler says. “The soap press will serve as an engine for our soap production and could produce a weeks-worth of soaps for us every day. The more soap we produce, the more children we may save from preventable diseases, such as acute respiratory infection and diarrheal disease. This is a very exciting time for us and a big moment in our global hygiene revolution.” A gallery of photos from the Sept. 30 event may be found here.

Thomas McClary, left, and Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer

In just two years of operation Clean the World has partnered with 1,200 hotel partners in North America to collect and recycle soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions and gels from more than 260,000 hotel rooms. The organization has partnered with NGOs such as WorldVision and Harvest Time International to distribute more than 9 million bars of soap to communities in the United States, Canada and more than 45 countries.

The Inaugural Clean the World Gala, a Nov. 5 event hosted by The Peabody Orlando (a Clean the World partner), is scheduled to attract nearly 800 hospitality industry executives, community and business leaders, vendors and supporters for a night of fun and fundraising. Corporate table sponsorships are still available at www.cleantheworld.org/gala.

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