LTC Celebrates its 25th Anniversary by Giving Back

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On September 10, 2018, the Learning Training Center hosted a Clean the World Hygiene Building, assembling 600 hygiene kits in celebration of their 25th Anniversary. The kits were donated to Wheeler Mission, a local organization dedicated to providing critical goods and services to the homeless community in Indiana.   

Many women and children in the Wheeler Mission shelter also participate in a program that provides tools and resources to help reestablish their self-esteem and guide them towards self-sustainability, making for a successful transition. Clean the World’s Hygiene Kits are a tremendous benefit, helping to maintain a healthy hygiene routine while gaining independence. 

Tony's new beginning...

Steve Germani, Grant Manager at the Wheeler Mission, shared Tony’s story: 

“A man by the name of Tony has been chronically homeless for 7 years. The guest tracking software used by Wheeler Mission indicates that Tony typically visits the men’s emergency shelter once or twice each year – preferring to remain on the streets.  

When Tony visits the men’s shelter, he is always very unclean; hair that had not been washed in months, clothes that had not been changed or cleaned in months, and grime and dirt that discolors the true color of his skin. When asked to shower he refuses – often becoming angry at the staff who encourage him to clean himself.  

As chance would have it, Tony sought shelter at the Shelter for Men the evening the kits were distributed. Not only did he willingly [accept] the hygiene kit he also used [the hygiene amenities inside]. Most importantly, Tony has returned to the shelter more frequently in recent weeks than ever before and is now willingly investing in his own personal hygiene. This would not have been thought possible a year ago.” 

Thank you!

There are many individuals with stories similar to Tony’s. Hygiene plays an important factor in the everyone’s daily life and many don’t have the means to supply their own toiletries.   

We are so grateful that the Learning Training Center celebrated their anniversary by assembling kits to support individuals like Tony. 

What's in a standard hygiene kit?

Clean the World Hygiene Builds are creative events that allow you and your company to make a difference not only in your local community, but all around the world! Hygiene kits provide everyday hygiene amenities to many people without the means to obtain these toiletries. The standard kit includes a 100% recycled 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner bottle, toothpaste, toothbrush, a washcloth, a bar of soap, and an inspirational notecard. 

How you can get involved!

The Learning Training Center has assisted many lives by providing hygiene kits to the Indiana community. You can give back to your community too, by supplying hygiene resources. For more information on hygiene in America and to schedule your very own building event, please visit Clean the World Building Events. 

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