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A Decade of Impact

Celebrating 10 years of impact Graphic

As our 10 year anniversary comes to a close, we wanted to share with you the amazing impact we have made together.

The past ten years have been nothing short of inspiring. Clean the World, along with amazing partners like you have made a huge impact around the world. That is something we are extremely proud of and something you should feel proud of too. Thank you for making all this possible, we couldn’t do what we do without you.

Clean the World Impact Infographic created by Ocasio Consulting


Hygiene for Redwood City Homeless

Equinix and Bombas Provide Comfort with Hygiene Kits

Clean the World Hygiene Kit is more than just a kit – these mobile-friendly assortments are uniquely crafted to supply hygiene resources to those in need. 

Since the beginning of our hygiene kit program, we have expanded to offer four different hygiene kits in order to better serve our communities. Our veterans kit was designed to aid veterans struggling with homelessness in the United States – of which the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates there are at least 37,000 on any given night.

 In addition to the items (a bar of soap, a mini 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner bottle, a toothbrush, and toothpaste) found in a standard kit, the veterans kit also includes a washcloth, a razor, and a pair of socks. 

Unfortunately, socks are oftentimes the most difficult and expensive item to obtain, for both organizations and individuals. Recognizing that socks are the most requested clothing item in shelters, certified Benefit Corporation, Bombas, supports the homeless community with their One Purchased = One Donated philosophy. As part of this philosophy, Bombas donated 50,000 pairs of socks to Clean the World this summer.

 These socks have been included in veterans kits being distributed by partners all across the United States, providing much needed comfort and dignity to those in need. Recently, the Salvation Army of Redwood City received 400 veterans hygiene kits thanks to Equinix, the world’s largest IBX data center & colocation providers.

On July 15th, 2019, Equinix partnered with Clean the World to host an event, building 400 veterans kits to donate in Redwood City, CA. All 400 of these veterans kits have been received by the Salvation Army of Redwood City, with much appreciation:

“For two years I have been homeless and anything like this really helps. I can’t tell you how amazing to get this because we tend to get overlooked but it’s wonderful to have companies that help me with not just food but also small important items like this.”

-Kit Recipient

Thank you!

To many, items such as soap and shampoo are everyday items. To thousands across the United States, however, these are luxury items. 

Being able to provide hygiene amenities and a renewed sense of self to individuals struggling in our communities is nothing short of amazing.  Thank you, Equinix, for selflessly assembling 400 hygiene kits and thank you, Bombas, for your wonderful donation. Together, we are making a difference every day.

“It was an amazing experience to see how their eyes light up as they saw one of their favorite items that they need the most…socks. Most of them were so happy and ready to change their socks because it was a way to have some warmth during the night.”

– Lieutenant Edgar Azueta

How you can get involved!

You too, can provide hygiene amenities to those in your community.

As part of Clean the World’s mission, we partner with businesses and other nonprofit organizations to provide hygiene education and amenities to individuals affected by natural crises, homelessness, and poverty around the world. 

You can host your very own Clean the World Hygiene Kit Build Event. Hygiene kit builds make for great teambuilding events while giving back to the community, boosting your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  To schedule your building event, visit HYGIENE KIT BUILDS.

Assisting Atlanta

On August 29, 2019, WittKieffer joined the global hygiene revolution. The global executive search firm’s Atlanta office came together to assemble 63 hygiene kits and donated them to Honor the Homeless.

On any given night, there are approximately 3,572 individuals experiencing homelessness in Atlanta, Georgia. Many individuals experiencing unsheltered homelessness don’t have the essential items to maintain a daily hygiene routine. The hygiene kits WittKieffer provided to Honor the Homeless have given a sense of dignity to those who are homeless in the Atlanta area.

Thank you!

Thank you so much WittKieffer’s Atlanta Office! Your contribution has made an impact in the homeless community of Atlanta. Every single kit donated has made an impact in the lives of individuals in need.

What's in a standard hygiene kit?

Clean the World’s mission is to provide access to water, sanitation, and hygiene to all affected by poverty, homelessness, and natural crises. Hygiene kits include a bar of soap, a mini 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner bottle, washcloth, razor, travel sized toothpaste, and toothbrush, along with a personalized inspirational notecard.   

How you can get involved!

You too, can provide hygiene amenities to those in your community. 

You can host your very own Clean the World Hygiene Kit Build Event. Hygiene kit builds make for great teambuilding events while giving back to the community, boosting your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  To schedule your building event, visit HYGIENE KIT BUILDS.

You can also volunteer with us! Clean the World has recycling facilities in Orlando, Las Vegas, and Hong Kong. To volunteer at one of our recycling operation centers (ROCs), visit VOLUNTEERS.

Sands Cares Fresh Start Mobile Showers Turns Two!

In the United States, there are thousands of individuals without access to water, sanitation, and hygiene, as approximately 48% of the nation’s population is experiencing homelessness. Clean the World recognized this growing issue and, in August of 2017, teamed up with Las Vegas Sands to design a mobile hygiene unit to provide showers and hygiene amenities to those struggling in the Las Vegas community.  The mobile hygiene unit, known as Sands Cares Fresh Start Mobile Showers, has the ability to provide approximately 250 showers a week.

Since its launch, the mobile hygiene unit has provided an astonishing 13,665 showers and 11,000 hygiene kits to those in need in Clark County, Nevada. In addition to being stationed throughout the city, the Mobile Hygiene Unit partners with other organizations to provide access to a variety of vital services, including housing programs, clothing, and employment assistance.   

One of our many amazing partners in Las Vegas, Critical Assistance Relief Effort – also known as CARE – had this to say about the Sands Cares Fresh Start Mobile Showers:

“The impact this service has provided to the community and our clients is incredibly large.

Our agency does not have any shower’s available on site, and proper hygiene is absolutely necessary for our clients to obtain employment and eventually become self-sufficient to transition from the streets. Previously we had to refer them to other agencies, including shelters, in order to obtain a shower. These showers often happen in a group setting, which can not only be unhygienic, but also strips an already vulnerable population of dignity even further. They also only offer these showers on a limited time basis, which doesn’t always work for all the clients we see.

Every Wednesday of the week that the [Mobile Hygiene Unit has] been on property, there is absolutely an increase in the number of clients accessing the property. Obviously to utilize the [MHU], but also receiving C.A.R.E. services. Many people will come to access the shower, then end up coming in to the building and access the computers, fill out an application for services, etc.

The need for this service is absolutely there and we are so grateful to be able to host this amazing truck and work so closely with truly great people.”

To access the full testimonial from CARE, click here.

Thank you!

Sands Cares Las Vegas has been a valuable partner over the years, and Clean the World would like to give a huge thank you. Thanks to their generosity, thousands of people in need have been able to shower and benefit from the assistance the Mobile Showers Hygiene Unit provides.

How you can get involved!

There are many ways to get involved! 

To lend a helping hand and volunteer at one of our Recycling Operating Centers (ROCs), visit VOLUNTEER. To make a financial contribution so that we can continue our mission, visit DONATE.

American Family Insurance Dreams Foundation Gives Back to Boca Raton

As summer winds down and many parents and children prepare for the upcoming school year, more than 15 million students in the U.S. will walk into their classrooms without much-needed supplies such as pens, pencils and bookbags. Fortunately, organizations such as American Family Insurance Dreams Foundation and Spirit of Giving Network take the initiative to give back to their community and help their local youth.

On January 8, 2019, American Family Insurance Dreams Foundation hosted a Clean the World Hygiene Kit Building Event. With the mission to inspire, protect, and restore dreams, American Family Insurance employees and volunteers came together to build 2,100 hygiene kits and present the them to the Spirit of Giving Network, a collaborative non-profit organization with a focus on children and families. 

The kits were portioned out to two groups in need. While 200 of the kits went to homeless, female veterans, the Spirit of Giving Network provided the remaining 1,900 kits to children of low-income families in Boca Raton on July 27, 2019, along with much-needed school supplies at their Back to School event.

“At our Back to School event, each child was paired with a personal shopper where they were able to pick out a backpack and appropriate school supplies, [received] new shoes, 2 pairs of socks, and the topping on the cake was receiving their [Clean the World Hygiene Kits]. The smiles were [heartwarming].” – Lindy Harvey

Thank you!

Thank you, American Family Insurance Dreams Foundation and all involved, for taking the time to assemble kits for those in need. Because of your selflessness, thousands of children have access to hygiene resources to complement their much-needed school supplies for the year.

How you can get involved!

Does hosting a Hygiene Kit Build sound interesting? Clean the World Hygiene Kit Builds are one-of-a-kind charitable experiences that help boost team morale and are a great way to improve your corporate social responsibility (CSR). 

To get involved and schedule your hygiene kit build today, visit BUILD HYGIENE KITS.

Clean the World celebrates Earth Day

When and where it all began

Earth Day started out in California as an environmental movement full of peaceful rallies, on April 22, 1970. Today, Earth Day is celebrated by millions all around the world by practicing sustainability and making changes to their daily routine. Minor changes like grabbing a reusable water bottle instead of a plastic water bottle, minimizing your waste and supporting organizations dedicated to sustainability, like Clean the World.

Clean the World celebrates Earth Day every day. With hotel contribution, the goal is to eliminate hotel waste from landfills. The hospitality industry generates a great deal of solid waste and Clean the World works around the clock to ensure the diversion of hotel waste from landfills.

  • More than 2 million bars of partially used hotel soap are thrown away every day in the United States.
  • 1 bar of soap equals 180 handwashes

Making a Difference

In 2009, Clean the World developed a program to reduce hotel waste by recycling used hotel soap and bottled amenities. They are put into hygiene kits and distributed to vulnerable communities in over 127 countries including Uganda, Philippines, Mexico, Puerto Rico and many more.  

Making the mission possible

Today, over 8,000 hotels participate in Clean the World’s recycling program, with housekeepers around the world collecting hygiene amenities from over 1,100,000 hotel rooms daily, and contributing to the diversion of over 20 million pounds of hotel waste from landfills. We would like to thank our hotel partners for implementing green initiatives into their daily operations and choosing Clean the World as their partner in efforts to preserve our planet and making a global impact.

For the past seven years, Sysco Guest Supply has been an amazing partner, making the shipping process of our recycling bins, to and from our distribution centers, more efficient. Thank you for all of your support, you are the soil to our flourishing garden.

We would also like to give a huge thank you to our volunteers. With the help of our Soaper Heroes, we’ve sorted and repurposed over 435,500 pounds of recyclable bottled amenities and soap, distributing over 905,600 bars of soap, globally.  

Clean the World: by the numbers

  • Over 1.8 million pounds of plastic recycled
  • Over 5 million hygiene kits distributed
  • Over 49 million bars of soap distributed globally

How you can get involved!

There are many ways to get involved with Clean the World. For starters, as a hotel, you can join Clean the World’s Recycling Program, making a difference all around the world. You can also host a Clean the World Hygiene Kit Build, building events are a great way to make an impact in your community and practice Corporate Social Responsibility. Lastly, you can lend a helping hand by volunteering at one of our Recycling Operation Centers (ROCs). To sign up visit Clean the World Volunteers

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