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Life Saving Math by Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel & Suites!

As we approach the end of 2009, and reflect on this amazing inaugural year for Clean the World, we should continue to be thankful for the many blessings and wonderful progress that we have made. The most challenging year for a new organization is the first and unbelievably Clean the World is almost complete with our first year. In the most challenging economic period of our lifetime, we established one of the most unique and impactful recycling programs of our lifetime.

A big reason for our success has been the tremendous response from the Hospitality Industry. In 2009, the hotels that have joined Clean the World’s Recycling Program have stood up to be the early adopters, the industry leaders in sustainability, and innovators that have taken an essential step for us by adopting our program. None of this is possible without their support. As the hospitality industry continues to focus on eco-friendly, green efforts, those hotels that participate in our program have made a clear commitment to Save our Planet, and participate in a program that will Saves Lives!

Today, another leader has emerged from the hospitality industry. The Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel & Suites, located in the prestigious Keystone at the Crossing, has committed their two beautiful 12-story towers, 560 room property to our recycling program to prevent needless local landfill waste and instead help save lives across the globe. This prestigious Starwood property is connected by skywalk to the Fashion Mall which offers 100 upscale stores, offers an indoor pool and whirlpool, dry cleaning and laundry service, complimentary breakfast in the Club Lounge, and the professional staff that always comes along with a Sheraton Suites property.

Here is something we haven’t done before: lets do the math for a moment to truly understand what the Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel & Suites is doing. (***Keep in the mind that the following are my rough estimates and based on national averages and CTW averages. These are not exact, but close estimates***)

The average hotel occupancy rate is 60% across the country. Let’s apply that national occupancy rate and say that this large 560 room property has approximately 336 rooms filled every single day. If 3/4 of those rooms produce a bar of soap, then 252 bars of soap every single day will not hit an Indiana landfill, but instead be recycled and delivered for free to a needy person in Africa, Haiti, or Central America. That’s over 7,500 bars of soap a month and over 90,000 bars of soap a year! That’s amazing! And that is only the bars of soap. Apply the same math to approximate the amount of shampoo, conditioner and lotion bottles being recovered.

There is no doubt that it will change lives. And it takes the leadership and commitment from individuals like Matt, Andy and the entire Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel & Suites to join a program that will allow them to not only protect their local environment but supply OVER 750 FAMILIES with soap and shampoo for an entire year.

Now that is really good math that I love to think about!

Please Check them out here http://www.starwoodhotels.com/sheraton/property/overview/index.html?propertyID=158 and make sure that on your next visit to Indianapolis you thank them for their commitment to Clean the World!

Thanks and Have a GREAT DAY!!


A great gift idea: The Triple Creek Ranch in Montana!

A Merry Christmas Eve to the entire Clean the World Family. And for those that celebrate Hannukkah, we hope you had a joyous Hannukah season this year too.

Tonight my immediate family, visiting family and close friends will get together for a Christmas Eve dinner and gift exchange. Although, we bring an interesting concept to the gift exchange: Everybody brings a gift without a name on it. We draw numbers. The first to choose a gift looks at all the packaging and sizes and picks what they believe to be the best gift. The gift is opened to reveal the treat behind the packaging. Now, it’s the second persons turn. Ah, but there is now a twist. The second person may choose a new gift or decide to take or as I like to call it when it’s taken from me, “steal” a gift that has already been revealed. Gifts that have already been opened may only be taken 3 times during the course of the gift opening ceremony. Pretty interesting, eh?

I’m sure some of you play this gift game too or have another gift exchange ceremony. It is no doubt a time of joy and fun with your family and friends. Isn’t that what Christmas, Hannukkah and the Holiday Seasons are all about? Spending time with your family, reflecting on the past, talking about what the next 12 months may bring and watching the children joyfully open their gifts. We truly hope you enjoy this evening and the upcoming days with your friends and family.

The Clean the World family is joyous every time a new Hospitality Partner joins our program. We normally get hotels, bed and breakfast’s and vacation homes. But today, marks a great new addition: Our first RANCH!

We are so pleased to announce that the Triple Creek Ranch located in Darby, Montana has joined Clean the World’s Soap and Shampoo Recycling Program. This gorgeous, luxury resort is located high in the Bitterroot Mountain Range of the Montana Rockies. You must go to their web site to view the pictures: http://www.triplecreekranch.com/.

A mountain retreat featuring private log cabins, unbelievable scenery, wildlife, a collection of Western inspired art, and world class accommodations make Triple Creek Ranch a perfect romantic getaway Christmas present for a special spouse.

There are so many cabins to choose from: http://www.triplecreekranch.com/accommodations/.  And the list of activities goes on and on but a few that jumped out at me were aromatherapy, helicopter tours, wine and food tasting, Lewis & Clark trail rides, horse back riding, hiking, cross country skiing, and whitewater rafting.

After showing the Triple Creek Ranch to my wife there is no doubt that we will make plans to visit them one day! And now from high in the Montana Rockies, Triple Creek Ranch is participating in a Life Saving, History Changing recycling program. Their guest will not only have a wonderful time while they are there, but after they leave, their soap and shampoo will make its way to a Clean the World Recycling Facility instead of a Montana landfill. There it will be repurposed, recycled and then distributed to a domestic homeless shelter or impoverished people in Haiti, Lesotho or another country who are dying because of a lack of hygiene.

Thank You Triple Creek Ranch for your commitment to Saving our Planet and Saving Lives!

And if you are still looking for a last minute gift this year then make a reservation to take your special someone to the Triple Creek Ranch in 2010. And please do not bring it to the Christmas gift exchange game I described above because it will be taken by somebody else. 😉


Welcome the Embassy Suites at the Chevy Chase Pavilion!

Last week it was Christmas in Florida. This week, it’s a White Holiday in our Nation’s Capital! I apologized on the phone this week to an individual for the terrible snow storm that I felt slightly responsible for by blogging about our 70 degree weather here in Orlando. But you know what; a White Christmas is exactly what a lot of the Clean the World family absolutely loves. And so we are happy that you are happy enjoying the white, powder filled Holiday Season!

And there is no better place to enjoy the snow this year than at the newest Clean the World property: the Embassy Suites at the Chevy Chase Pavilion. Located in the upscale Friendship Heights district and walking distance from the Chevy Chase shopping district, it’s a perfect Holiday destination. The Chevy Chase Pavilion is located right above the Friendship Heights Metro Station which will quickly transport guest to all of Washington D.C.’s attractions, including the National Zoo, federal government buildings, historic monuments and the world’s finest museums. It is also a short ride to the commercial district and the Washington Convention Center.

And here is a very cool concept: And after a fun day of enjoying the sites of our nation’s capital or attending a conference, relax in your room with a personalized spa treatment by the professionals at Spa O. The fully equipped mobile Spa O will turn your room into a relaxing, Warm Spirit retreat.

This full service hotel recently completed more than $5.5 million worth of renovations updating all facets of the property, from the guest suites, restaurant to the entrance and health club. They tout excellent service and are dedicated to being your home away from home. Check out all the property pictures at their photo gallery here: http://www.embassysuitesdcmetro.com/photo-gallery.php.

Remember the name Destination Hotels? Well, the Embassy Suites at the Chevy Chase Pavilion is another Destination Hotel property. This marks the third Destination Hotels property that we have featured… We are very grateful that Destination Hotels are committed to Clean the World’s Soap and Shampoo Recycling Program and making a difference!

So if you are in the nation’s capital today, enjoy the snow! And if you are planning a visit there soon for site seeing or business, stay at the Embassy Suites at the Chevy Chase Pavilion to show your appreciation.

Have a great day and, if you are in it, enjoy the snow! 🙂


Clean the World’s First Soap Delivery to Africa

A friend of the Clean the World family, Amy Sindler recently took some of our recycled soaps to Africa to distribute to children in Lesotho, the southern most landlocked country in the world. Amy is an Orlando resident and friend of Steve Cooper, Clean the World Operations Director. Amy first went to Lesotho as a member of the Peace Corps. Lesotho is one of the poorest countries in the world. According to Human Development Indices about 40% of its population live below the international poverty line of $1.25 per day.

Amy was kind enough to send us a post card and picture of her efforts.

“The children and adults here in the village of Nyakosoba, Lesotho loved getting the soap! I put it on a table and let everyone choose what type of soap they wanted. Of course the children liked the ducks, hearts and stars! By the way, they are wearing shirts donated by Track Shack. The children were given an apple then the t-shirt and we did a fun run through the village. When we returned we sang the Lesotho national anthem. They got another apple and then selected soap.
Thank you.

We are grateful for your good works Amy. We are proud to have you as part of the Clean the World family!


Students Saving Lives…

I’d like to devote today’s blog to recognize and praise the efforts of some very special individuals and to the New York high schools they attend.

  • Ally Wyle – student at Lake Placid High School in Lake Placid, New York
  • Giselle Pelaez – student at Connetquot High School in Bohemia, New York
  • Megan Mackey – student at Connetquot High School
  • John Sica – student at Connetquot High School
  • Roy Pelaez – Giselle’s father

Lake Placid High School Senior Life-Saving School Project

I will begin with Ally Wyle.  Ally had been trying to come up with a subject matter for her school project when she saw a news story on Clean the World.  Ally became impassioned with our cause and decided to devote her efforts to implement a soap drive at Lake Placid High School where she is a senior.  Ally, along with the student body and faculty of Lake Placid High School have been collecting soap bars and will continue to do so through the month of April 2010.  They will then ship all the donated soap to Clean the World’s recycling facility here in Orlando.  Ally has received tremendous support from not only her high school but also her father, Steve Wyle.  Steve is the housekeeping manager of Mirror Lake Inn in Lake Placid.  Mirror Lake Inn was the first hotel to assist Ally in her collection efforts and has been donating their slightly-used amenity products since the start of Ally’s campaign.  Not long after, the Courtyard Marriott, Placid Bay Inn , Wildwood On The Lake, The Pines of Lake Placid, The Adirondack Inn and the Lake Placid Lodge have all begun donating their used amenities to Ally as well.

All of us at Clean the World are extremely grateful for Ally’s passion and devotion to our cause.

Please click the link below and read the great article published in the Lake Placid News regarding Ally’s efforts.

Students Making A Difference

Connetquot High School Seniors Collect over 4,000 Bars of Soap

It was this past summer when Long Island H.S. senior Giselle Pelaez was watching Fox News with her father and saw the Clean the World special about distributing soap to Haiti.  Giselle immediately wanted to get involved with CTW and along with her father, Roy contacted me on a way to assist our cause.  Their idea was to hold a soap drive at Connetqout H.S. located in Long Island N.Y.

Giselle then met with Connetquot high school’s Principal Gregory Murtha and suggested that C.H.S host a soap drive at the school.  Principal Murtha was very excited about the idea especially after watching the short four minute clip which Giselle had downloaded to a flash drive.  After the project was approved, Giselle then teamed up with fellow high school seniors Megan Mackey and John Sica.  Over the next two days they organized four assemblies’ in which they informed the entire high school of the CTW soap drive and showed the students the Fox News clip.  Each student addressed the student body and explained how they could make a HUGE difference to the people of Haiti with a donation of soap.  During the three weeks following the assemblies students brought in new and gently used soap to their classrooms and competed with other classes for most soap collected.  At the end of the three week period C.H.S. had collected approximately 4,000 bars of soap!  Pizza and Bagel parties were held for the winning classrooms with the Honor society sponsoring the food costs.

In addition to C.H.S., Giselle was able to convince the Ronkonkoma Holiday Inn and the Islandia Hampton Inn to donate their used soap on a weekly basis.   Approximately 500 hotel bars have been collected to date.

I feel that these are the stories that we simply do not hear enough about.  The effort, passion and dedication of these young adults is personally inspiring to me.  It is they that represent the future of our world.  Clean the World will be here hopefully for generations to come.  It is an honor to have the Ally’s and the Giselle’s of the world continue to carry the torch in preserving our precious environment as well as leading the way in being socially responsible members of society.”

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All!

Paul Till, Managing Director
Clean the World, Inc.


Christmas in Florida…

As a child, I moved around quite a bit. My father is a life-long retailer, which, from a moving perspective, is almost as bad as being a life-long military man. We moved up and down the state of Florida, north to Chicago, south to Texas, but always made our way back to Florida. There was something about Florida that kept bringing us back. For me, one of the reasons was Christmas in Florida. This may sound very odd to many of you reading this blog across the country today that are experiencing the beautiful powder and chilled weather that Santa enjoys, but for me, I really enjoy a blue sky, 60 – 70 degree, sunny Christmas day.

I enjoy the time off between Christmas and New Years and the activities that can be done in 65 degree weather, like golfing, outdoor basketball or biking or walking around the outdoor shops and plazas with my wife. It’s when a Floridian says “What a beautiful day for a football game!”

It’s the time of year where I can enjoy the outside weather with my children and even do what I consider “the ultimate” with them- take them to Disney or Universal or Sea World to enjoy them enjoying themselves. For some of the rather warm month’s we experience, this is the time of year that we Floridians live for. Sure, maybe one or two chilly days are acceptable. By chilly, I mean no lower than 45 degrees, but that only because my wife needs a few to keep her happy. J For me, sunny, blue skies, and time off is enjoying life.

This year, the skies may seem a little bluer and happier as it will mark the very first Christmas spent with a new family- the Clean the World Family. Not because I am new but because we are all new. Isn’t it incredible to know that we have only been in existence for 10 months?

The success of the CTW family is only made possible with the almost daily addition of more and more Hospitality Partners from across the country. As they join, we want you to know who and where these properties are, and thank them with emails, phone calls or by booking a stay with them. They are the reason we exist and should be commended for their commitment to Saving Lives and Saving our Planet.

We are incredibly pleased to announce two new properties that have joined our program. These two properties are located in Florida, where their guest will be enjoying Christmas in Florida over the next few weeks.

If you are on your way to The Villages this year to visit family or friends, say hello to our newest member, the Best Western Chain of Lakes Inn & Suites (http://book.bestwestern.com/bestwestern/productInfo.do?propertyCode=10381). Conveniently located right in the center of the beautiful state of Florida, a few miles from The Villages, they join a number of properties that have joined the Clean the World Family because of our dear friend Bill Pullen who has been spreading the Clean the World word for so many months. See the other Leesburg properties here on our partner page: http://localhost:8888/cleantheworld/participating-hotels.asp#villages. On your next visit to friends and family in the North Central Florida area, stop by to thank Jennifer and the entire team there for being a part of the Clean the World Family.

And right outside the gates of Disney World, sits another one of our newest CTW Hospitality family members: The Orlando Vista Hotel. They are an official Walt Disney World Good Neighbor and can be visited online here: http://www.orlandovistahotel.com/. With 246 guest rooms, and nestled right in the heart of all the Orlando fun, the Orlando Vista Hotel is a perfect “Christmas in Florida” destination. They have kid’s club suites, especially designed for children, all the amenities, the Vista Café, Pineapple Lounge, and one more awesome outside activities to do in Florida this time of year- swimming as they have an outdoor heated pool, a children’s pool and a hot tub! For our northern friends, trust me on this one: swimming in a heated pool in 70 degree sunny weather is much more enjoyable than the polar ice swims enjoyed in your parts. J

We are so grateful to our two newest properties for joining our unique recycling program. The state of Florida has been incredible in this life saving venture and we encourage all of those reading and listening to the audio blog to take time this holiday to stay a night at one of these wonderful properties or recommend them to a friend or family member coming to Florida for Christmas.

Enjoy your weekend. Enjoy your family. And no matter where you are located, I hope that you enjoy your weather too. J


Changing History by William Lowry…

An impactful blog written by Clean the World Global Operations Director, William Lowry:

It has not been too often in history that individuals or groups have changed history as a part of a plan. There have been some great leaders who have shaped the annals of history because they captured a moment of time or were captured by a principle, idea, or cause within a moment of time. History is usually understood when we look back at it. It is then that we realize actions altered , affected, or shaped what would become history. Most of us live our lives trying to do good, helping others when we can, and hoping to leave this life with a “life sentence” or legacy that is positive and appreciated. The possibility that we could make such a difference that would literally change history is far from our minds. So when an opportunity to truly change history comes along, it is not so easy to recognize. It is overlooked or viewed through our own skepticism. It takes a second or maybe even a third look to realize that the opportunity is right at our doorstep.

As Clean the World has pursued its mission and as this simple yet profound concept, of collecting soap from hotels to give it away where it is desperately needed, has evolved, we have begun to consider the idea that this might be a moment in time when WE could shape the future in a significant and detectable way in the lives of individuals and even an entire culture. It seems beyond reach. It seems grandiose…until you take a closer look. Take for example, the country of Haiti. We began our soap distribution there because it is understood to be the poorest country in the western hemisphere. But in the country of Haiti, you will find a people who are determined and hopeful. They have such resilience and perseverance. They are creative and persistent. Yet also within the culture, there exists various superstitions and ideas that are carryovers from a time when voodoo was so widely accepted and practiced. Now generations later, many humanitarian efforts and missionaries later, there is still a strong presence of those beliefs and superstitions. A society always has hope of change, if the next generation can be reached. When those children become the leaders of that society, their new ideas and beliefs will either bring good or bad to the future, but will definitely shape that society’s direction.

What makes this such a remarkable opportunity, is that Clean the World has the chance to affect the future generations of an entire society. By bringing soap, saving lives, and reeducating the children we can help secure a sound and healthy understanding of hygiene and prevention of the spread of deadly diseases. As these children grow and become leaders, their impact will be realized in 5 or 10 or 15 years. That will happen within our lifetime. That means the more we can reach, the greater the impact. That means the sooner we can get there with our efforts, the sooner this impact will take place.

Did you ever dream that in your lifetime, you could be a part of changing history? Who would have ever thought? A bar of soap in the hands of a child whose life is threatened without it. Such a simple concept. Such a simple idea. Consider this!!! This idea, especially in its simplicity, could have been exploited at any time in history. Someone else could have considered this idea 10 or 20 years ago. But for whatever reason, it has been preserved until now. You are alive now at this time in history. Is that an accident? Or is it supposed to be that way? As you read or listen to this blog, you have been tagged for this moment in time!

COME let’s change history in our lifetime! Join the Clean the World Team!!!!!!


Intercontinental Tampa Joins CTW Family

We are back after a short break. What an impactful blog written by Paul Till. I was in the room when Paul delivered the depiction of a mother losing her child to diarrheal disease. Paul incredibly brought the entire room to the scene as we witnessed the travesty. If you have not read the blog yet, please do so.

Did you know that 20% of children deaths under the age of 5 worldwide occur to acute respiratory illness and diarrheal disease? Diarrheal disease has now moved into the #2 spot for child deaths under the age of 5. Compare that to only 2% that die due to HIV/ AIDS. This is not meant to diminish the AIDS deaths but 10 times more die to diseases preventable by bar soap!!!

And so our opportunity to Change History becomes so much more impactful. There is no doubt that we can do this and that we must do this. The hospitality industry has already given an incredible response- a resounding “YES” to joining Clean the World on our mission to save our planet and to save millions of lives through the collection, recycling and re-distribution of partially used hotel soap and shampoo. These products are distributed domestically to those hurting at home and abroad to those dying to disease.

We are so happy to announce another hospitality partner that has joined the CTW family on our historic mission. The Intercontinental Tampa joins several West Florida properties that have recently joined Clean the World’s Hospitality Recycling Program.

The Intercontinental Tampa is a Four Diamond Award property owned and operated by Destination Hotels & Resorts. Remember the name Destination Hotels & Resorts as they are joining our program almost every week. They are truly committed to Saving Lives and Saving our Planet and we plan on featuring them soon as well.

From the moment you enter the spacious, airy lobby, you will be greeted by our professional and gracious staff. The InterContinental Tampa hotel offers a truly distinctive and warm hospitality experience to all guests, paired with the amenities and services expected by the most discerning travelers.

Intercontinental Tampa is Tampa’s premier, business hotel located in the Westshore business district. Five miles from downtown and the Tampa Convention Center, it features all the luxurious and necessities the business men and women desire. In the surrounding Tampa area, guest can golf the beautiful Southern Hills Plantation Club or enjoy some down time the Lowry Park Zoo or the Florida Aquarium. If you want exceptional service and a sophisticated styled hotel in Tampa, FL, this is where you stay.

As far as dining goes, look no further than Shula’s steakhouse. Having dined at Shula’s in the past , I can truly attest to the experience at Shula’s. The atmosphere is wonderful, the service is excellent and the steaks are incredible.

View their very professional web presence here: http://www.intercontampa.com/  

This is what it’s all about. A property with sophistication and a commitment to excellence is now participating in a program that is committed to Changing History. With so many professionals making short stays at the property, it just makes so much sense to prevent their soap bars and shampoo bottles from hitting Tampa’s beautiful land, instead being repurposed and delivered to those that need them!

We are so grateful and appreciative of their commitment. Thank you Intercontinental Tampa for adding Clean the World to your list of exceptional property features.

Have a great week!


Sandpearl Resort Caps Off WONDERFUL Clearwater Beach Week!!

We have had an incredible Clearwater Beach Week this week. Thank you to every single property that has joined the Clean the World Recycling Program. And for the loyal blog readers, this is a perfect time of year to visit the beautiful beaches and white sands of Clearwater Beach. There are so many activities for adults and children. Click here to see everything Clearwater Beach has to offer: http://www.floridasbeach.com/

It is fitting that we cap off a wonderful week of new Clearwater properties joining Clean the World’s Soap and Shampoo recycling program with the beautiful Sandpearl Resort, the first new resort built on Clearwater Beach in 25 years.

This resort sits on 700 feet of Clearwater’s pristine beachfront, features 253 luxurious guest rooms and suites, fitness center, beachfront activities, and a gulf front lagoon-style pool and private cabanas. Perfect for enjoying sunsets!

Sandpearl also features Caretta on the Gulf, their signature Four Diamond rated, restaurant and lounge. And with a business center and over 25,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor meeting space, Sandpearl is a perfect convention and conference location on the beach!

Sandpearl was event rated #8 in the world in the 2009 Insiders’ Select ranking based on customer satisfaction and value for the dollar! The photos of the Sandpearl Resort on thier site are incredible. Please visit and take a look: http://www.sandpearl.com/.

And now they welcome a new, fresh recycling program to their property. A recycling program that has a life saving benefits! One where the reduction of landfill waste results in soap being delivered to children living the villages of Lesotho, South Africa and in the overflowing orphanages of Haiti. This is such an important initiative for the hospitality industry to adopt and the Sandpearl Resort, along with so many other Clearwater hotels, is setting a wonderful example!

As we end Clearwater Beach Week (for now as I think another one is right around the corner 🙂 ) we send a special THANK YOU to all the properties that have joined: Sheraton Sand Key, Shephard’s Resort, Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort, Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites and the Sandpearl Resort. Please know this: there is no doubt that your participation in this program will make a difference to those that are hurting and save lives!

There is a great verse in the Bible- Matthew 25:40 that states: “The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’

You are to be commended for your commitment and the example you have set!



This is Where Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Clearwater Recycles Soap!

We are having a fantastic “Clearwater Beach Week”. Clean the World is so incredibly blessed and fortunate to have a wonderful group of hotel partners from America’s #1 rated beach and a top tourist destination, step up the plate to make firm commitments to Saving our Planet and Saving Lives.

Today, we have another beautiful, beachfront property to introduce you to: The Holiday Inn & Suites Clearwater Beach. If “location is everything”, then the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites on Clearwater Beach has it all!

Echoing a descriptive theme found on their website (http://www.clearwaterbeachholidayinn.com/), This is Where Mediterranean style accommodations and beautifully crafted facilities meet a perfect location as they sit directly on the Island of Clearwater Beach. This is Where one can go from Jimmy’s Stone Creek Coffee Shop in the morning, to the Kid Zone and top rated beach in the afternoon, to all of the entertainment and music at world famous “Pier 60”, all within minutes walking distance of each other.

This is Where one can see the most amazing sunsets and natural wildlife as the property can see both Clearwater Beach and Sand Key. It is common to see dolphin, pelicans and exotic shorebirds while enjoying a beautiful Florida West Coast sunset.

Really, is there anything better than having a loved one and children in hand, meandering on the white, powder-soft sands of Clearwater Beach, watching dolphins swim and a gorgeous sunset? This is Where memories are made!

This is what it is all about. A hotel committed to their guest satisfaction and enjoyment. Committed to the family and the necessary qualities of the vacation is also, firmly committed to helping those in need. When a guest stays at their property, the soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion will be used. And in most cases, some will be leftover. Why discard it into the trash and then into a landfill when Clean the World can very easily collect, re-purpose the goods with a hygienically and environmentally safe recycling process, and distribute them to people in need here in the United Sates or people in places like Lesotho, South Africa, Freeport, Bahamas or Cap Haitien, Haiti. This is exactly what happens today with Clean the World.

So today, the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites can another item to the long list of their property features. This is Where lives are saved! This is Where the environment matters! This is Where we are committed to helping those that need our help by participating in a program that does that very thing!

Thank you Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Clearwater Beach!!


Clearwater Beach Week: Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort Joins CTW Family!

Nestled right in the middle of “Clearwater Beach Week” is a beautiful beachfront property nestled right in the middle of everything Clearwater has to offer.

We are very pleased to announce the third Clearwater property to join the Clean the World Hospitality Recycling Program- The Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort, found here online: http://www.clearwaterbeachresort.com/

Their 416 newly renovated rooms are now participating in a history changing recycling program. People across the US and in impoverished countries desperately need soap and shampoo, in some cases to save their lives. The Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort has recognized that need and committed to helping those that are hurting, and to protecting the beautiful environment they call home in Clearwater Beach, FL. By preventing soap and shampoo waste from hitting landfills and allowing Clean the World to recycle and re-purpose them for those in need, Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort is making a big difference!

And to show your thanks, you should pay them a visit. And I know they will return the favor by offering so many wonderful vacation treats. They reside on 10 acres of brilliant white-sand coastline, overlooking the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, next to the vibrant Pier 60 and overlooking the beautiful marina.

They have a newly designed beachside pool complex with a Jacuzzi and restaurant views that look right into the gulf. Beachside fun abounds with parasailing, kayaking and my personal favorite, wave running! Have you ever wave run in the ocean? Talk about the great wide open…. There is nothing funner! (not an official word but when speaking about wave runners, its acceptable)

The Hilton Clearwater Beach has a cardio room and a full service health club one block from the property. For your meetings and special events, how about 35,000 square feet of space.

As a father of four, one of the best features a property offers our family are the specialized kids activities. Kids Rule at Hilton Clearwater Beach! Check out their commitment to children having fun at the resort: http://www.clearwaterbeachresort.com/resort_activities/kids_fun_factory.cfm

What a great combination. Children having fun at the resort and participating in a recycling program that is saving children’s lives abroad!

Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort- Thank you for your participation in our program… You are truly making a difference and helping CTW Change History in Our Lifetime!


Shephard’s Beach Resort Offers Good Times and Responsibilities!

Day two of “Clearwater Beach Week” and we continue to have a tremendous response from Florida’s Beautiful West Coast. For those of you reading this blog not located in Florida, the weather yesterday was sunny, 79 degrees and beautiful blue skies. I can only imagine how white the Clearwater sands were yesterday and how nice the warm gulf water felt. This is one of the best times of the year to visit Florida’s Clearwater Beach. Want more proof? Check this link out with all the area attractions: http://www.floridasbeach.com/

Shephard’s Beach Resort is the second Clearwater Beach resort to join Clean the World’s Hospitality Recycling Program. After a quick review of their web site at http://www.shephards.com/default.asp it was very apparent what unique characteristic we would focus on with this resort- Having a Good Time, Day and Night!

Shephard’s Beach Resort has it all from beautiful beach front rooms and a fitness center inside to jet-ski and parasail rentals outside. Add their world famous Prime Rib and Seafood Buffet from Shephard’s Restaurant in the middle and your 8am – 1pm is accounted for.

Now how about from 1pm – 2am? First, pickup a tropical drink at Margarita Grill and then head over to Shephard’s Backyard Tiki Bar. Whether you enjoy live reggae or rock & roll, this may be the most entertaining beach side hang spot for a large group of people on Clearwater Beach!

Next, to the Sunset Lounge, where the Bay area’s best bands play dance hits from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today! Still haven’t had your good times fill?

Then we head to The Wave. Take a peak at this incredible looking night club: http://www.shephards.com/wave.asp. Can you picture yourself dancing the night away here? Even though it would be extremely dangerous to my back and muscles, I can and hope to one day soon!

There is no doubt that this property has a good time written all over it. Yet, they know their responsibilities too. They are Globally Responsible to their beautiful environment in Clearwater Beach by reducing needless landfill waste and protecting precious water systems. And they are Socially Responsible to their hurting neighbor domestically and abroad by ensuring critical hygiene necessities, soap and shampoo, are being re-purposed and delivered to them by Clean the World.

Thank you Shephard’s Resort for bringing us the fun and enjoyment of wonderful music and good times and also setting a great example of responsibility. And thank you for being our second property to join on Clearwater Beach Week!

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