Earthquakes, tsunamis, soap and hope

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The events of March 11 in Japan and the aftermath will linger in our memories for a long time. We’re watching a national tragedy play out on our TVs and computer screens each day. A devastating 8.9-magnitude earthquake and numerous, powerful aftershocks caused tsunamis to engulf portions of Japan in a manner which seemed almost impossible to imagine. Hundreds of thousands of deaths are possible.
But there is always hope. Natural disasters have a way of riveting our attention because, as humans, we can all relate in some way to the suffering. What would you do if faced with such a terrifying situation? What could you do to survive and care for your loved ones? How would you find the strength to go on?
Clean the World is working with a network of global distribution partners, such as World Vision, Doctors without Borders, and others to ensure that the people most affected by this disaster will receive the hygiene relief they need. Sadly, disease and infection are quick to follow on disasters of this magnitude – Haiti is a recent example – and the need for soap and hygiene supplies to help stop the spread of disease is essential to any successful recovery effort.
Just as we did with Haiti following the 2010 earthquake, Clean the World will collect, recycle and distribute soaps for people in need around the world. We understand the power of soap and its ability to create a cleaner, safer, more hopeful world. Soap saves lives.
Your financial gift to Clean the World will help ensure that soaps and hygiene supplies are shipped via our distribution partners to help people in need. This is a time for action, and we’re asking for your help.

$25 provides enough soap for 85 people for a whole month
$50 provides enough soap for 170 people for a whole month
$100 provides enough soap for 340 people for a whole month
$500 provides enough soap for 1,700 people for a whole month
$1,000 provide enough soap for 3,400 people for a whole month

Thanks for helping Clean the World.


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