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Sheraton Sand Key Resort kicks off “Clearwater Beach Week”!!

Happy Monday morning to you all! We have an exciting week ahead. I am dubbing this week as “Clearwater Beach Week”. For those of you located around the country and world, and debating a wonderful Florida vacation spot this winter, look no further than the beautiful beaches of Florida’s West Coast which includes Clearwater Beach.

Clearwater Beach is annually rated as one of the top 10 beaches in the world and was recently rated the #1 beach in America. The beautiful, white powder sand combined with sunsets, beach recreation, and warm gulf waters make Clearwater Beach a top tourist destination. From biking to golf to deep sea fishing and top dining and night life, Clearwater Beach has it all. Your first web stop today must be here to visit their tourism site: http://www.floridasbeach.com/

So why all the excitement around Clearwater Beach you might ask? Two weeks ago, I was invited by Russ Kimball, the General Manager of the Sheraton Sand Key Resort, to address a group of Clearwater Hoteliers and the Convention and Visitors Bureau. Mr. Kimball heard about Clean the World from our dear friend Bill Pullen, who has been spreading the word about Clean the World since our beginning. After a brief phone call, Mr. Kimball put the wheels in motion for Clean the World to speak to his property and the hotels in the Clearwater Beach area to hear Clean the World’s story.

Russ Kimball is a leader in the Florida hospitality industry. He is a past chairman of the Florida Hotel and Motel Association. In 1998, he was named Florida Hotelier of the Year and has managed the Sheraton Sand Key Resort since it opened in 1976. He was even named to the Tourism Hall of Fame this past August. And after meeting him in person, I can attest to his good heartedness, professionalism and true desire to make a difference. He is the real deal!

The meeting and presentation went very well. It is so much fun telling our story to a group of individuals that understand our mission and wants to find ways to participate. The questions and excitement was excellent. In that room, it was very evident why Clearwater Beach is a top destination spot. It takes natural beauty and beach, but it really takes professionals that care about their community, their trade and have a real commitment to making meetings and vacations enjoyable for their guest. That is clearly this group of hoteliers!

And so the first property from Clearwater Beach to officially join the Clean the World program is no other than Sheraton Sand Key Resort. And what a wonderful property, whether you are looking for a great meeting resort or an awesome family vacation!

I was given a property tour by Todd, Director of Housekeeping. First off, the staff is unbelievably friendly and professional. Todd was great. And a special thanks to Marilyn who helped coordinate the entire presentation and day.

The outside pool deck, equipped with the Turtle Bar and Poolside Cafe was so inviting, and it leads right up to a 10 acre beach. Think about this- the #1 beach in America and Sheraton Sand Key has 10 acres of it! Beach volleyball nets were up and ready for action and the beach hut, full of beach toys, was buzzing with activity.

We enjoyed lunch together so I can personally attest to the great food and the meeting room we were all in was beautiful. They have 24,000 square feet of meeting space and for the third consecutive year the Sheraton Sand Key resort won the Pinnacle Award, which recognizes conference and convention centers, hotels and visitor bureaus for their commitment to hospitality excellence and customer satisfaction.

Check them out online here: http://www.sheratonsandkey.com/index.php  But even better, stay with them. I plan on taking my four children there soon for a weekend getaway. I can’t wait to see their faces when they see the beach!

And the best part of that getaway will be when I tell my children about how this great and fun hotel is also doing something very important: They are helping those that are hurting here in the US and in places like Haiti. Hearing the stories that their daddy tells them about those really needing our soap in Haiti, I can see their smiles when they learn the good news.

Sheraton Sand Key Resort- Thank you for your commitment to Clean the World. Thank you for participating in our planet and life saving program. Thank you for bringing together your friends and colleagues in the Clearwater Beach area. We are forever grateful!

And thank you for kicking off Clearwater Beach Week!


Clean the World Media Links… Spread the Word!

Special thanks to Alex Paen from Telco Productions. Alex and his team put together It’s a Green Christmas! It aired today in Orlando on WESH 2 NBC. The production is excellent! Great stories on individuals and companies that are taking eco-friendliness and “green” initiatives to heart with smart, environmentally friendly businesses and strategies. Please check this page for the nationally syndicated show on your local TV: http://www.itsagreenchristmas.com/6.html  

I also wanted to take this opportunity to give you other great links to stories and articles about Clean the World. Please use these links when emailing to tell others about Clean the World. We really need you to spread the word to hotels, individuals, corporations and local and state governments that may be interested in helping Clean the World add more hotels, recycle more soap, and distribute more products to domestic homeless shelters and impoverished people worldwide:

CBS News w/Katie Couric:

NBC News Story:

Fox News Story in New York and Orlando:
New York- http://www.myfoxny.com/dpp/news/international/090807_Using_Old_Soap_To_Save_Lives
Orlando- http://www.myfoxorlando.com/dpp/news/seminole_news/072409_Hope_in_a_bar_of_soap

YouTube Documentary on first trip to Haiti:

Clean the World Official Press Kit:

20 news articles and press releases written about Clean the World including New Zealand Radio interview on podcast:

Spread the word! It’s that time of year when corporations and individuals are looking to make donations to great charities like Clean the World!


It’s a Green Christmas!

We are so pleased to let everybody know that a nationally syndicated television show focused on how to make the holidays more environmentally friendly will feature Clean the World.

It’s a Green Christmas! Features “green” gift ideas, recycling tips, energy saving suggestions and much more. What a great idea. An entire production around great ways to protect our beautiful land and environment…. It’s like giving Mother Nature a Christmas Gift. And, of course, these tips and ideas can be done all year long, not just during the holidays. Here is a  link to their web site: http://www.itsagreenchristmas.com/index.html

We were contacted by Telco Productions several months ago about our interest in participating in the show. We were, of course, very excited. The footage used during the Clean the World portion of the show is our original footage and will mark the first time that our camera and footage, operated by Bobby Bahret, will be seen on TV. How exciting! Special thanks to Jeremy Chambers for getting the content to Telco Productions. Jeremy works as CTW’s media manager, assisting with several productions, including media and social sites. Both gents work with CTW on a volunteer basis, simply because they believe in the cause and want to get the word out in ways they are experienced with. Thank you for making a difference!

This show will be seen across America between November 20, 2009 and January 4, 2010. Here is a link to all the Listings: http://www.itsagreenchristmas.com/6.html

If your station is on the list with TBA, please contact them to see when it will play.

If your station is NOT on the list, please contact them and ask them to pick up this nationally syndicated show produced by Telco Productions.

Have a fun Black Friday! And don’t forget to put a buck or two in the Salvation Army or St. Jude Hospital collection buckets!!!


Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart…

I originally intended on taking today off the blog but as I sat in bed this morning thinking about all the things I have to be thankful for, this scene that has burned in my mind since I first witnessed it began to play. I knew that I had to share it with you today on Thanksgiving.

During my first visit to Haiti about 6 weeks ago, our first soap distribution of the day was at a church service where approximately 8,000 Haitians gathered. In both the CBS News and Fox news story this service is where the large distributions take place.

This building is a large, stadium seating structure that has been under construction for 17 years. Large pillars stand all around the building, ready for a roof. But in the 17 years it has sat, a roof has never been built.

The service is from 10am – 1pm. This particular day, it is blistering hot, the sun beating down, and the dust from the ground floor where the people dance is being kicked up. There is a large stage where the band, choir, and oversized speakers sit.

On the stage is a song leader. She is no more than 16 years old and she leads all the songs this day. Her voice is absolutely, undeniably amazing! She can sing with amazing strength and stamina. She has an American Idol type voice.

As some of the songs played, I recognized the music but of course did not understand the words as they are in Creole. It made following along challenging as I usually need to read lyrics myself to sing along. So I mostly listened and hummed.

The music changed to another song that I knew. This time though, I knew the lyrics. And as I began to sing along in English, as the 8,000 Haitians sang with all their hearts in Creole, most lifting their hands to the heavens, singing with all the might they could, the lyrics took on so much more meaning.

Here we are in the poorest region of the poorest country of the Western Hemisphere. Think about that- poverty greater than anywhere else in South America, Mexico, other parts of Central America. Poverty far, far worse than anything we have in the United States. 75% of the population lives on less than $2 a day. Filth and sewage reign supreme. Malnourishment and hunger are everywhere. Desperation and hopelessness are experienced every single minute of every single day.

It is chaotic, suffocating and depressing. It makes one trying to help feel overwhelmed and at times hopeless themselves.

Yet, with all the fervor, passion and spirit that you and I may put into singing a song that we really love to sing, or cheer for our team on Saturday or Sunday, or defend a political figure or belief that we truly stand for, or look into the eyes of a loved one like such as our own children to hug them and tell them how much we care for them, they sing. They sing looking up into the heavens. There is no roof to stop their song from leaving their desperate and hopeless situation. They sing the following:

Give thanks With a grateful heart
Give thanks to the Holy One
Give thanks because He’s given Jesus Christ His Son

Now think about these next words. Picture 8,000 of poorest and the weakest singing in unison with a beautiful voice to the heavens:

And now… let the Weak say I am Strong
Let the Poor say I am Rich
Because of what the Lord has done for Us

And with even more voice and heart, singing as loud as they can and with as much heart as they can possibly muster:

And now… let the Weak say I am Strong !
Let the Poor say I am Rich !
Because of what the Lord has done for Us
Give Thanks with a grateful heart

(Enjoy this version of the song and picture show on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sJWg7vWjQw&feature=related )

Every time I revisit the scene in my mind, my eyes well up. Here we are with the poorest and the weakest in our world, trying to help their incredible hygiene problem, witnessing the filth and sewage and poverty everywhere, yet they give thanks. They seek hope it and they find it. They long for it and then they lift their voices to the heavens to show their gratefulness.

It makes their words of gratefulness and thankfulness to Clean the World that much more special as they truly find hope in our soap. They find hope in your soap. The soap that you decided to do something different with!

Thank you for everything that you have done to make the moment I described above possible for me to experience. It made an incredible impact in my life. And so I try to share these moments with you so that you can experience them too. It is not send a specific message of religion, although many of you with feel that impact as well. But it is to help you experience the hope, the irony, feel the goose bumps, hear their voice and passion, and hopefully Give Thanks today for what we have and how we have an incredible opportunity to help others here and abroad. We have weak and poor in our very neighborhoods in towns. Look for ways to give them hope and gratefulness too!

Give Thanks for everything that we have. Happy Thanksgiving!!


Giving Thanks: Ritz-Carlton Golf Club & Spa- Jupiter Joins CTW Family…

Getting ready for Turkey Day tomorrow we usually take this time of year to reflect on how thankful we are for many different things. Loved ones, dear friends, health, jobs, or living in the most wonderful and greatest country in the world! Indeed, we should be thankful for many things.

There are so many things that the Clean the World is thankful for. What an incredible way we have come since we incorporated in February of 2009. From kitchen to garage to facility, we have grown leaps and bounds in such a short period of time.

I credit a lot of our progress to something amazing: the incredible commitment by the entire Hospitality Community to global responsibility and social responsibility. At a time when sustainability is the talk of the industry, Clean the World Hospitality Partners have joined the fight to reduce additional landfill waste and to donate items that can be recycled and distributed to improve lives domestically and save lives worldwide!

Becoming a CTW partner is not easy. We ask for a small monthly cash donation to cover expenses related to materials, pickup, gas, transportation, recycling, repackaging, shipping, tariffs, customs, and distribution. And indeed we are in tough economic times so CTW Hospitality Partners that have stepped up to the plate to support Clean the World through critically important soap and shampoo donations AND monthly cash donations are really walking the sustainability and social responsibility walk. And for that, We are VERY THANKFUL!

Today, we give thanks for another beautiful property and their commitment to Saving our Planet and Saving Lives! The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club & Spa in Jupiter, Florida features Mediterranean- inspired homes on a secluded property just north of Palm Beach.

These beautiful homes are placed alongside an amazing golf course. This course was designed by Jack Nicklaus and is certified by the National Audubon Society for its environmentally friendly habitat. This course is beautiful and has protected the beauty of mother nature throughout. It is so wonderful to enjoy a golf course when you constantly tell yourself how beautiful surroundings are. Enjoying all the beauty of Mother Nature- now that is something to be thankful for!

The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club & Spa also features tennis courts, a 15,000 square foot spa and fitness center too. They also tout a very professional and wonderful staff. We can attest to that! Our champion, Begum, has been wonderful to work with and is no doubt a reflection of the properties commitment to others!

The photo gallery on their web site is fantastic. You will no doubt get a great sense of the properties beauty. Please visit them here and be sure to stay with them on your next visit to Jupiter, FL: http://www.ritzcarltonclub.com/ritz-carlton-luxury-resorts/jupiter-luxury-resort.html

Yes, we have a lot to be thankful for. Clean the World’s Hospitality Partners are the key to our success. And our success means lives are affected.

Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (we will be back at it on Friday)


Third Haiti Trip Chronicled…

Greetings Clean the World Family. We have just arrived back from our third major soap distribution to Cap Haitien, Haiti. Come along with me on a short, yet eventful, 3 day journey in and out of the poorest country of the Western Hemisphere that has captured our hearts and minds!

A special thanks to my Uncle, Mark Von Seipler. Mark graciously donated all the funds necessary for this very important trip back to Haiti. On behalf of the rest of the Clean the World family, thank you Uncle Mark!

Thursday, November 19, 2009:
Its 4:00pm ET in the afternoon. Bobby Bahret and I completed our last supply run to Best Buy to ensure we had enough tape to document our visit. Pastor Brutus, CTW Caribbean Director and Haitian Aid leader, has just called to inform us that a very important meeting will occur on Friday evening with Board members of the Evangelical Church of Haiti (ECH), who are serving as our base of distribution operation in the northern region of Haiti- Cap Haitien. This is great news as these Board members will travel from all regions of Haiti to meet with us.

It is time to begin our drive to Miami for our early morning flight. This will be Bobby’s first international trip while it is Pastor Brutus’ fifth visit to Haiti this year.

We arrive at Loews- Maimi Beach around 10:00pm ET. Loews Miami Beach donated two rooms to Clean the World this evening. Isn’t that awesome!!! As they go through the process to officially donate soap and shampoo to CTW, they wanted to contribute to our efforts to help those that need it most. A very big and special THANK YOU to Ryan and all our wonderful friends at Loews Miami Beach who made a big contribution to Clean the World for this ever so important Haiti visit. Please visit them here and stay with them on your next visit to Miami’s South Beach: http://www.loewshotels.com/en/Hotels/Miami-Beach-Hotel/Overview.aspx

Friday, November 20, 2009
4:30am ET- Off to Miami International Airport for a 6:45am ET flight. Here is what I wrote on that flight:

*******I am writing this blog from seat 7A on American Airlines flight 377. Pastor Julio Brutus, Bobby Bahret and I left Miami International at 6:45am this morning bound for Port-au-Prince, Haiti. We will arrive at 8:30am local time. From there, we will board a “puddle jumper” on Tortug Airlines, flying low, over the cities and countryside, to the northern region of Haiti- Cap Haitien.

If the internet is working, I will send this note to you from Hotel Mont Joli, about a 30 minute drive from the airport. That 30 minute drive through downtown Cap Haitien will be 30 minutes of an incredible dichotomy. Haiti, being colonized by the French, has beautiful European-style curves, moldings, entrance ways and stone. You can see it if you look very carefully. Of course, you will have to look around the sewage, through the desperation, and ignore the filth and disease. You will have to look around people that live every day in utter chaos, yet flow with a rhythm as this is what they are born into. This is their society. We cannot avoid it- countless numbers of children, so beautiful and precious and innocent. As children, they have hope and smile.

And you will see parents and adults, those that have lived in this neighborhood for many years. When we smile at them, they will smile back, but one wonders what they are really thinking and feeling. Here they are living with dignity and pride in a place that attempts to sap those feelings away nearly every moment of every day.

Bobby has never been to Haiti. This 30 minute drive may completely change his outlook on life, at least for a moment.

Pastor Brutus grew up here. He grew up at a time when you could see the beautiful architecture and the economy was relatively strong. This was his life a time ago. Crime was low and the island and region attracted tourist. When he speaks about that time, he has a smile and you can see yesteryear in his eyes. But when Jean Bertrand Aristide came into power, things drastically began to change. This dictator was the first of a string of dictators that sucked the life out of Haiti and threw it into a constant struggle and battle over power and wealth. The people and the land have suffered ever since.

Today, it is nothing like what Pastor Brutus remembers. In fact, it is the exact opposite. Dangerous, dirty, desperate… there is such a large population of children, teenagers, 20 and 30 year olds that from birth, most in this area have known nothing but the present conditions.

When I see this I have a burning passion- one thought- I must help! You must help! Together, we must find a way to help them live a better life with more dignity with less disease and death. Even if the change seems so small to us, I promise you it is good and it is our calling!******

12:00pm- Those words were almost completely true. The scenes were dramatic. The filth and desperation seemed to be greater than my first visit to Haiti. One big change was apparent: As we drove from Cap Haitien airport to Hotel Mont Joli, we attempted to video the drive. The population was not happy. Many have come to Haiti and documented how “bad” it is. Those documentations and exploitations occurred with no returns seen by the population. This has scarred the people. We received several curses, shouts, middle fingers and anger. Individuals approached the truck to ensure we stopped taping. For the first time, I worried for our safety.

1:30pm- Simeon, a long time friend of Pastor Brutus, was our driver. After a quick stop at Mont Joli to drop off our bags, check the internet, which was not working as you have probably figured out, and eat lunch, we drove through the town again on our way to the brush.

A very bumpy and slow drive reveals many scenes. All the filth, sewage and suffocation predicted earlier were witnessed at every single street corner and alley way. In front, behind, it doesn’t matter where you look, there is no doubt at all that this is one of the poorest and desperate countries in the world. Later on our trip Bobby made a very telling observation: “This place is a combination of complete poverty and no law and that is a very bad combination”. He couldn’t have been more accurate.

We gradually drove from the total chaos of the city to a more refreshing and calm scene in the brush. The country seems simpler, with less people and more greenery, but the disease is still present. Our first stop is to a school. This school is in the brush. No walls, no ceiling, no building. A school in the woods with circles and patches that represent classrooms. We delivered soap to this group on our last trip. We are greeted by 30 adults and their children. They are waiting for our arrival. They want two things: First, to tell us how incredibly grateful they are for the soap they have already received. They have been using the soap and they are so appreciative. With smiles, they ask me to pass the message to you and to let you know that they are praying for you. Think about this for a minute: We, in the United States are in their prayers! Isn’t that sort of ironic? They explain that by praying for us, they know that we will help them, and so they pray for Clean the World every day… Incredible! I thank them and speak to them about our progress in the US and our future plans. They clap and cheer us!

Second, they wish to receive more soap. We brought 3 boxes with us. We distribute one of the boxes. They receive 300 bars of soap and are again incredibly grateful. So far, it is a great day!

4:30pm- I now experience a moment of truth. I was led to a home back in the woods. A mother who has 5 children, 3 girls and 2 boys, lives there. Her name is Teresa. I joke with her about my four children and how we are both crazy to have so many kids. She laughs. She appears to be in her late thirty’s. Her mother is 75 and lives in the house too. There did not appear to be a father.

This house is made of wood, and is no more than 20 feet by 20 feet. It has three very small rooms, a rusted tin roof, a curtain as the front door and nothing protecting the windows. Teresa tells me that her kids are always sick, including her oldest daughter, 11 years old, who is constantly coughing in the background. The kids frequently have stomach aches and their skin is very flaky and dry. Their scalps peel. This is diarrheal disease. The intestinal pains and dehydration are the exact symptoms of the fourth leading cause of death amongst children worldwide. And then she quietly tells me that she had another child, a 3 year old boy. She says he died to the illness. After succumbing to the pain and dehydration, what would have been her oldest boy now, maybe the man of the house, died, leaving Teresa to bury him. I am not sure what to say. At first, I am silent, and then I tell her that I am sorry for her loss and that I want to stop those deaths.

I ask if she bathes the children regularly. She says that she wants to but soap is expensive. She works in the gardens and makes very little money. She needs to buy food before soap.

This boy died over more than 3 years ago. Since his death, I estimate that we have thrown away over 1 billion bars of soap in the United States. Could we have prevented his death? Maybe.

Teresa tells me that she knows several more mothers in the area that have lost their babies to the exact same disease. I explain to her how diarrheal disease is contracted. I ask her to please ensure her children wash their hands after they defecate. She promises that she will. I give her 50 bars of soap $20 to buy food. She cries and thanks me. And then she says that she will pray for me so that I can help the other woman in the area. So selfless and humble and grateful that she will pray for me.

We speak to other mothers in the area and are faced with the same story again and again. The children are regularly sick and in pain. The symptoms are the same. The soap is almost begged for by each and every one.

5:30pm- We get back in the truck and head up the rough dirt roads towards an orphanage we visited on our last trip to Haiti. The mood is somber in the truck at first, but then we decide to hand soap to people walking up the road. Quickly, the joy comes back.

On our way, we pass a flea market. As the sun begins to set on the horizon, hundreds of sellers can be seen packing up. We get out of the truck and see a package of soap being sold. Three regular bars of soap are being sold for $1.80 American. This is one days wage for 75% of Haitians. Can you imagine a world where 3 bars of soap are equivalent to one days wage for 75% of the population? If you make $50,000 a year in America, this 3-pack of soap would be equivalent to $136 or $45 for each bar.

6:00pm- We arrive at the Orphanage. Children come running towards us. We break out another box of soap and begin handing it out. Another 300 bars is gone in a few short moments. I will only give a pack of soap to a child if they smile. They are all smiling and laughing. This is what it is all about.

As we drive away there is a feeling of joy in the truck. Thinking about what these orphans have been faced with thus far in their short lives and what is yet to come in this desperate island country, we know that bringing those smiles out of them today was very good for them and for us. I want to personally thank you for making that moment possible.

8:30pm ET- We finally arrive back to downtown Cap Haitien to meet the ECH Board of Directors. First, we view the storage room where 120,000 bars of Clean the World soap are stored, ready for distribution. It looks fabulous and the boxes are in great shape, stacked from the floor the roof. The boat delivery seemed to work.

After viewing the soap, we move to a very small room, under a single light, a fan blowing with a radio station broadcasting songs from the church behind us. Pastor Joshua is the President Elect. He is a warm individual with a very friendly smile and speaks very good English. The Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, former President and 2 other officers are also there. Among the group are two lawyers, and a PHD. They are Pastors and executives from all over Haiti and Miami. They are here for one reason: to form a partnership with Clean the World. They want to formally become our Haiti distribution partner and manage our efforts on the ground.

Each one of them personally thanks us for what we have already done and offer very clear feedback that the soap is incredibly helpful and making a difference already. They explain that our soap distribution program is being talked about from all parts of Haiti. Pastor Joshua very clearly explains “Our people need help. Clean the World is helping our people and for that we wish to join you and help your efforts as we are here to help our people too.” They are requesting clear guidelines and expectations from me. We meet and discuss several details from transportation to storage to regular communication. We discuss documentation and distribution procedures. We also agree to the most important rule: Clean the World soap must be handed out to those in need for free. They fully agree. We meet for almost two hours. These questions and discussions are great. I explain in detail our progress in the US. How we have come a long way but have a very long way to go. The partnership is agreed upon. Responsibilities are agreed to. We have an established a very strong base in Cap Haitien, Haiti with a very capable, trustworthy, and intelligent group. I am very pleased with the meeting. At the end, we have a moment of laughter and I shout “Now let’s Clean the World” and unison the room shouts back in Haitian accented English: “Clean the World! Clean the World!”

Pastor Brutus has made a very wise selection with ECH. He knows this group very well and knows that they should be our base. He is right. If not for Pastor Brutus, we would not be where we are today in Haiti. These are his friends and colleagues. He has been discussing Clean the World with them from the beginning. Even though he Pastors several churches in Orlando, is invited across the US and Canada to preach on a regular basis, he still finds the time to push Clean the World forward in Haiti. He believes strongly in our mission. We are incredibly blessed to have Pastor Brutus on the Clean the World team!

As we are leaving Bobby makes a great observation. “I wonder what others are doing on this Friday night across the world. As they relax at home, eating dinner or heading out for a night on the town, Clean the World is here, in the heart of Haiti, in a small room, under a single light, discussing the details on establishing our base. What a great Friday night!” It’s time to head back to Mont Joli.

Saturday, November 21, 2009
10:00am – We begin the day at the ceremony for Pastor Joshua’s official election as President of ECH. We are in a beautiful church building with a roof this time. In front of approximately 500 church members and officials, Pastor Joshua accepts his nomination. In his acceptance speech, he speaks about the partnership with Clean the World. He asks me to speak to the group. I graciously agree and speak to the entire room as Pastor Brutus interprets. I tell them about our mission and how we recycle soap. I explain that we will be here for many years to come. I even tell them the story of Teresa from the day before and our commitment to increase the amount of soap delivered here in Haiti and across the globe to prevent the needless deaths of children to a lack of hygiene. I am very well received as all in attendance nod, smile and then clap. When I am done speaking, in a show of solidarity, Pastor Joshua embraces and hugs me. It is a statement and symbol of our partnership and affection for each other.

I could never have imagined a year ago as I sat in another hotel room pondering the used soap question that I would be in the middle of the poorest country of the Western Hemisphere a year later, standing on a platform, an American business man in a room of Haitians, embraced by their leader, being encouraged and prayed for because of one simple thing: The hotel soap.

1:00pm ET- On our way to back to the airport, we take a minor detour down an alley. The city is absolutely bustling today. People are on top of people everywhere. Again, the camera is not well received. As we drive towards the river, we come across a dirt field with two make shift goal post on either side. We see children playing soccer with a tennis ball. We get out of the truck. The dirt field butts up against a river where children are swimming. As we approach the stench gets worse. What I now witness is the most incredible scene I have ever witnessed in my life. I still cannot believe and I know that I can never truly describe it to you: In between the dirt and the water is 10 feet of raw sewage. Trash and filth and crap. It is basically a landfill. And as we look around a wall to the left, we can see the sewage and trash piling up, a heap of trash at least 20 feet tall. The kids are playing in it while numerous pigs eat in it. And it runs into the water that 3 boys are swimming in, naked, laughing and splashing to get our attention. I can’t believe it. I look back towards the heap and now I see an adult man. He begins to squat, pulls his pants down and defecates on the pile. I begin to get sick to my stomach. Behind me 8 or so other boys go back to playing soccer with the tennis ball to get our attention, smiling and laughing. They have no idea what they live in. This is their normalcy. I am stunned.

3:30pm ET- Our twin engine plane on Tortug Air takes off from Cap Haitien, bound for Port-au-Prince. We will connect there and land in Miami by 8:00pm. I am still processing the last incredible scene. Every time I visualize it, my stomach gets nauseous. And at the same time, the fire burns stronger. We have a mission. We have a very clear purpose. You and I can do so much good for people that really need it. It is time to go home to tell the stories of the trip.

8:30pm ET- Back on the road from Miami to Orlando. Pastor Brutus, Bobby and I enjoy a few more minutes of reflection and each others company before Pastor Brutus lays down in the back seat to sleep. The next day he has 4 church services to attend, preaching at one. We all agree that the trip was incredible. Bobby thanks Pastor Brutus for everything. The trip, protection, guidance, and most importantly, life changing experience! I concur. Another great trip!

On a final note, I want you to see some of the names of the organizations, clinics, schools and churches that will receive soap this week from our CTW Haiti. Each one of these organizations has requested specific amounts of soap based on the number of people they serve. These are their 60 days supplies.

As I leave you for now with this list, remember this: You made this possible. As a hotel, you donated the soap and supported. As a donor, you assisted with the expenses. As a volunteer, you processed the soap and made it fresh again. You kept us in your thoughts and prayers. You encouraged the staff to do more. You made this happen. Here are the people that are getting soap to give their patients and their community:

The Haiti Mission 1200 bars
UND Haiti Program 300 bars
Bethesda Medical Clinic 2000 bars
SOIL 850 bars
Meds and Food for Kids 200 bars
Eben-Ezer Clinic Haut-Limbe 2000 bars
Dr. Steve James 1200 bars
Manusodany Network of Schools 2200 bars
Haiti Hospital Appeal 1500 bars
St. Joseph’s Church and Clinic 2000 bars
The Children’s Place 200 bars
The Methodist Clinic Tavar 1000 bars
Randolph World Ministries 1000 bars
Our Lady of Miracles Parish 2000 bars
Epicopal Church of Gros Morne 300 bars
St. Francois de Sales 1600 bars
Clinique de Bienfaisance Baptist Clinic 800 bars
Methodist Clinic Latanerie 800 bars
Sacre Coeur Hospital 2000 bars
Centre Communautaire de Limonade 2000 bars
Eben-Ezer Clinic Ganaives 3000 bars
Family Medical Clinic 3000 bars
Christianville Clinic 1500 bars
Emmanuel Hospital Port-au-Prince 2000 bars
St Raphael Clinic 1000 bars
Tabernacle of Praise 20000 bars
Bethesda School 1000 bars
Evangelical Church of Mapu 5000 bars
Evangelical Church of Vertierres 15,000 bars

Join our Mission to Change History in Our Lifetime!!!


Another Diplomat- The Diplomat Golf Resort and Spa, joins the CTW Family!

The name “Diplomat” is so inspiring and encouraging this week as yet another Diplomat has joined the CTW Family. Thank you to The Diplomat Golf Resort and Spa located in Hallandale, FL for their commitment to Saving our Planet and Saving Lives. The Diplomat Golf Resort and Spa is a luxurious, Four Diamond property, that has dined and entertained the most famous and powerful for over 4 decades. It touts world class service and after a quick review of their online presence: http://www.diplomatgolfresortandspa.com/ it is clearly true.

Take a look at the photos of this magnificent property. It is so elegant with beautiful stone and grounds outside and European style decor inside. The golf course, managed by world renown Troon Golf, is nearly 7,000 yards, manicured with Tif Eagle greens and rolling Bermuda. The Diplomat Golf Resort & Spa Golf Course is the only 5-Star Rated Golf Course in South Florida.

If the Spa is your pleasure, it appears you will be very satisfied here as well. They tout an infinitely appealing menu of facial and body services offered within a soothing, welcoming environment. Refined facilities and daily Yoga, Aerobics, Pilates, and Step classes are available.

From the décor to the saunas to the hot tubs to the par 5’s, The Diplomat Golf Resort and Spa has everything one would want to enjoy while staying at a luxurious, Four Diamond Property. And now, they have a very clear life saving, humanitarian, and eco-friendly trait to tout to their guest. Their participation in Clean the World’s Hospitality Recycling Program ensures that their guests’ partially used bathroom amenities will be collected, recycled with a hygienically and environmentally safe and tested process and then distributed to people hurting at home, finding solace at homeless shelters and missions AND to people dying because of a lack of hygiene in places like Haiti, the Bahamas, South Africa, Guatemala and abroad.

Thank you Diplomat Golf Resort and Spa for your truly commendable commitment to helping others in need and Saving Lives. We are truly grateful for your participation!


CTW Distribution Partners- Missions offering HOPE!

One of the best parts about working at Clean the World is meeting and having an opportunity to really work with all the wonderful organizations that are dedicated to helping and serving those in need. Steven Cooper, CTW’s Operations Director coordinates with many shelters and homes locally, around Florida and local or regional to our hospitality partners. William Lowry, Global Operations Director and I are fostering relationships with larger, global non-profits.

From a local perspective, we have distributed soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, bath gel, sewing kits, vanity kits and other items on a regular basis to Central Care Mission, STAR Family Center, Salvation Army Adult Re-hab Center, Salvation Army Men’s and Woman’s Shelter, Christian Service Center, Harvest Time International (local and global) and Covenant House. We recently made our first distribution to Help Now of Osceola County.

We made another wonderful connection this week with the Sanford HOPE Team and Seminole Behavioral Healthcare. We have given them about 500 pounds of goods to date. Sanford HOPE Team distribute across Orlando and Sanford. They actually parse the goods and distribute to several outreach and homeless ministries, including Christian Help in Castleberry, The Sharing Center in Longwood, Beeb’s Mobile Pantry in Longwood, Central Florida Dream Center in Sanford and Rescue Outreach Mission in Sanford. Missions helping other missions help others… how cool is that!?! Sanford HOPE also does something I have never heard of prior- they go on a search for people in need. They actually go into the woods, camp sites, parks and other places to find those that need help… those that need soap, food, and other products essential to living may not come into a shelter, so Sanford HOPE goes to them. What an AWESOME mission! I love hearing about these groups from Steve and am so happy that Clean the World is working with such wonderful people to help others.

From a global perspective, William and I have been working on deeper relationships with major global non-profits, World Vision, Harvest Time International and Heart to Heart. These large, global non-profits have years of established distribution, logistics and operations in so many countries suffering high mortality rates from acute respiratory illness and diarrheal disease. They are perfect partners for us to ensure Clean the World soap and shampoo is getting distributed to those that need it. It is critically important that are items are not sold, not found on the black market, not taxed by local governments but handed, for free, to mothers, children and families that need it! These great entities have established secure and reliable operations in countries that will become our second, third and fourth distribution fronts. Today, we are well established in Cap Haitien, Haiti, the northern region, and as we begin to move southward within the country, we will also begin distribution fronts in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, African countries and the Philippines. Remember, it is extremely important that when we open a new distribution front, we can sustain the influx of soap and shampoo for the constituents receiving. In order to save lives and prevent needless deaths caused by poor hygiene, soap and shampoo must distribute on a regular basis, sustained for very long periods of time.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Pastor Brutus, Bobby Bahret with CTW, and I will travel back to Cap Haitien, Haiti later this week to oversee another large distribution. I am so excited to return to spend time with those helping us on the ground. More to come regarding this trip later.

Have a great Wednesday!!


Guest Blogger: www.m-cause.com

Here is my guest blog at http://www.m-cause.com/. Special thanks to Ryan Jones for giving us the opportunity to speak to his fans!

Inspired to Change History: A motivational guest post from Shawn Seipler of Clean the World
Posted on November 15, 2009 in Causes, Inspiration

Clean the World co-founder Shawn Seipler has provided m-cause with a very motivational guest post today. In the post, Shawn talks about his burning desire to change his life and help others. Shawn will get you fired up to go out there and make some change this holiday season–and beyond! So enjoy the guest post…big thanks to Shawn!

Have you ever gotten up in the morning and felt absolutely convinced that you could change history? I mean, you can see change right in front of you- an opportunity to alter something in the current state of our world that would change history. Well, I am at that point in my life and I dare to say that many of you are either there, or could be there and you may just not know it.

I’m Shawn Seipler, Executive Director of Clean the World. It was only a year ago that I sat in another hotel room for around the one hundredth time, leaving my beautiful wife and four children again, longing for something different. I needed to figure something else out…my own business maybe? I wanted to be more in control of my work schedule and I didn’t want to leave my family anymore, or at least I wanted to do it on my terms.

Looking around the room, I began to think, am I changing history? No way, I’m just trying to figure out something different…

Because I typically traveled to multiple cities in any given week, I only took carry on luggage which means my bags were always heavy and extremely packed to brim. Every time I left a hotel room after 1 or 2 nights, I left the little soaps and shampoos behind as I had no room in my bags for them and, frankly, I didn’t really need them. So now I began thinking about this habit specifically. How many other travelers like me do not take their soap and bottled amenities with them upon checkout? And, what do the hotels do with these used items? Certainly they do not give them to other guest or return them. A quick call to the front desk and I got my answer- these items are thrown away. Hmmmm, now maybe I’m on to something, especially because one of the major topics of the day is green business, eco-friendliness and sustainability.

Weeks later I called my long time friend and business colleague Paul Till and began sharing my thoughts with him around hotel soap and shampoo. He was very intrigued about the notion of these items being thrown away, discarded into landfills. Can they be recycled? If they could be recycled, what could we do with them? Paul went to work, trying to find answers to these questions.

Then, the “Aha moments” began to come more frequently. Paul discovered that millions of children die each year from diseases that could be prevented with proper hygiene. Clinical studies show 40 – 65% reductions in these diseases by hand washing with bar soap alone. Some studies even claim that millions of lives can be saved with soap interventions. Furthermore, soap is toxic to water systems and not very good for landfill space. And of course, we all know about plastic bottles…

Wait just a moment here, were we finally on to something? Were we finally in a place where we could change history?

Together, Paul and I founded Clean the World. Our non-profit charitable organization that collects the partially used soap and shampoo from hotel rooms, recycles these items, and then distributes them to domestic homeless shelters and impoverished people worldwide to save lives.

Here is a portion of a letter I recently wrote for Clean the World’s newsletter, giving you more details on our organization:

3.5 million children under the age of 5 will die this year to two deadly diseases- acute respiratory infection (pneumonia) and diarrheal disease. This means 9000 times today, across the world, a mother will bury her child that died yesterday or the day before. And tomorrow, another 9,000 funerals will take place. Over the next hour, 375 boys or girls will lose their baby brother or baby sister forever.

 Even more tragic than these staggering facts is that these deaths could be prevented by up to 65% through simple hand washing with bar soap. Today, in the United States alone, we will throw away between 1 – 1.5 million bars of soap. That’s only in the U.S. How much soap do you think will be discarded worldwide today?

 9,000 children’s lives lost, half can be prevented with bar soap, and we will throw away ~1.5 million bars of soap in the U.S. alone.

We can prevent tons of needless landfill waste daily, protect our precious water systems, and even change cultures across the globe in an incredibly short period of time. It is not only possible, but dare I say it is our calling. For us, the employees and volunteers of Clean the World, we believe this to be true: We have been called to change history! We have been called to save these lives! We have been called to remove acute respiratory illness and diarrheal disease, the #1 and #4 killers worldwide respectively, off the Top 10 Killer list now and forever!

Clean the World Hospitality Partners have joined the movement. Volunteers, individuals and organizations are helping every day. And today, I ask you to join in our cause: Please be a part of Changing History in Our Lifetime!

So now, I’m asking you this. Was I changing history the moment I began to think about doing something else? Was I changing history when I called the front lobby to see if how soap was being thrown away after each visit? Was Paul changing history when he researched deadly diseases that could be prevented through proper hygiene? Absolutely! All of these little moments led us to our history changing venture and I can tell you this: similar instances and opportunities present themselves to you every day. Moments to ask a question or moments to find a solution. moments to make a small difference that may change history for a single person or an entire planet. If you could change history for one individual, would you?

As we approach the holidays, you know there are many ways that you can help. You can volunteer time at a food bank or donate money to a charity…all important activities in this great time of need. Just encouraging a child, or simply speaking to someone who needs you to listen can help. Do you have an idea? Pursue it! Do you have a dream? Go after it! You just simply never know.

So I conclude by asking you to do something simple, yet so incredibly profound: change history in your lifetime!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am not overstating or dramatizing this very clear notion and vision of Clean the World: We can Change History in our Lifetime!


The Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa joins the CTW Family!

I cannot express to you how excited I am to write today’s blog. Today, I am incredibly pleased, even giddy, to announce that The Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa in Hollywood, Florida has joined Clean the World’s Hospitality Recycling Program.

This beautiful, thousand room property, holds a very special place in my heart. It is one of my most favorite properties of all time. Being a traveler for many years, I have been privileged to stay at so many wonderful hotels and resorts. About 4 years ago, I attended a conference at the Westin Diplomat and remember how incredibly impressed I was with everything the property has to offer.

First, it is located in Hollywood, Florida, a place close to my heart. My parents had a yearly time share in Hollywood, Florida and I recall spending so many fun vacations there growing up. Hollywood is perfectly nestled between Ft. Lauderdale and Miami, minutes from countless number of shops and malls, golf courses, restaurants, night clubs, world famous South Beach and Land Shark stadium where my favorite football team, the Miami Dolphins, reside.

The Westin Diplomat sits right on the beautiful South Florida beach and has the most unique pool experience I have ever enjoyed. The hotel features two pools, one sitting on top of the other. When I used to travel, I never swam in the pools at the hotels or conferences I attended. That all changed when I saw the Westin Diplomat’s double-decker pool. I had to jump in and I did! You must see it here: http://www.diplomatresort.com/

I remember my room being so luxurious with the feather-light bed, large roman hot tub and separate shower. The stained glass, deep colored wood, and decorative colors inside the room were amazing and the wall separating the roman tub and bedroom slides open, providing a beautiful and romantic view to the bedroom, balcony and ocean.

The food was incredible. The staff was warm and so professional. The conference was a great conference with plenty of meeting rooms and trade floor space. I am telling you- I cannot think of another stay at a resort that was better than my time at The Westin Diplomat. It is a favorite and now that they are a member of the Clean the World recycling program, my affection for them grows.

Cheers to our champion, The Green Queen, Sharon. She is an incredible advocate for so many sustainable programs and initiatives, not only at The Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa, but for Starwood properties across the globe. She introduced us to the executive team and has diligently worked on our behalf. It is not an easy task for a property this large, and with such an attention to detail, to add a new program that touches every single room, every single day, but Sharon worked so hard and for its acceptance, and we are so incredibly grateful.

Trust me on this one: Stay at the Westin Diplomat, even if just for one night. Visit the Westin Diplomat. Eat at the Westin Diplomat. Everybody wants a vacation to South Florida, especially as the colder months set in for our Northern friends. You must pay them a visit and thank them for their commitment to Saving our Planet and Saving Lives.

Thanks Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa. http://www.diplomatresort.com/  


So Much Happening… Welcome Triangle Motel in Alma, Michigan

My apologies for missing the blog yesterday… With an incredible week of action and pushing our movement forward, I had a lot to catch up on.

This week we had a wonderful time at the International Hotel/ Motel and Restaurant Show in NYC. We made great connections with equipment providers such as Rational and Torrey. We had outstanding meetings with potential partners and fellow non-profits. And a number of organizations were exposed to Clean the World and our cause. The consensus from every single individual and corporation was the same: Your cause is wonderful, it is a no brainer, keep up the good work and we are behind you!

Wonderful inroads were made with new friends and existing partners at amenity providers and soap manufacturers, Gilchrist & Soames and Marietta Corp. And we had the pleasure of speaking to so many key executives at major hotel chains about our vision and cause.

This week, we made great strides towards a very key upcoming event: Changing History in Our Lifetime. We interviewed with several newspapers, including two high schools, University of Central Florida and Florida A&M University. More are scheduled for the upcoming week.

And, most importantly, we finalized our next trip to Haiti, which will occur next week. And we raised the money for the project. A special thanks to somebody very dear to my heart, a family member, my Uncle Mark, who provided the funding necessary for myself, Pastor Brutus and Bobby to fly to Haiti next week for two days to oversee the next major distribution of Clean the World soap. Approximately 150,000 bars of soap will be distributed to schools, orphanages, churches and the Cap Haitien Health Network. More to come on our distribution process later but a BIG THANK YOU TO UNCLE MARK for making next week possible.

In these tough times, donating money is very challenging and we understand the commitment behind it. We want to thank every single person that donated to Clean the World this week. We received donations from as far away as Washington, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Many donated online and many through checks. We really need them to keep coming. Thank you to every single person and look for your personal letter from Paul and I very soon.

And closing out the week, another property has shown their commitment to Saving our Planet and Saving Lives. The Triangle Motel of Alma, Michigan, located close to Alma College, Michigan Masonic Home and Soaring Eagle Casino, has joined the family. They have been American owned and operated for 18 years and by becoming a Clean the World Hospitality Partner, they show their commitment to Americans hurting right now in shelters and missions that need soap and their American spirit to those impoverished abroad that need it too. I cannot stress this fact: It doesn’t matter how big or how small your property is. We need every single one to join this important and unprecedented recycling program! Check out the Traingle Motel here: http://www.thetrianglemotel.com/index.php and say hello the next time you travel to or through Alma, Michigan.

A huge week ahead includes speaking at Center Pointe Church of the Nazarene tomorrow, Rotary Club on Tuesday, Sheraton Sand Key on Wednesday, the Westin Diplomat on Thursday and back to Haiti on Friday. A wonderful event is being finalized at the Green Lodging Hotel Conference in December in partnership with GMIC. Stay close and stay tuned.
Have a great week ahead!


Beautiful Preservation: The Rivertown Inn in Stillwater, MN…

One of the most enjoyable moments when I write these blogs about new properties joining the Clean the World Hospitality Recycling Program is learning about the property and identifying the unique features and characteristics the hotel provides.

The Rivertown Inn in Stillwater, Minnesota is no exception. Built in 1882, the Rivertown Inn is a restored mansion just blocks from the historic downtown of Stillwater, MN. It features European style luxury and elegance, touting a very romantic and private setting. Their online presence is another display of the properties elegance. Find them here: http://www.rivertowninn.com/, view the beautiful photos and read the details on wine dinners, cooking classes, and their gourmet breakfast.

And here is something very new about this historic property: they are committed to preserving their land and precious water systems in Stillwater, Minnesota by collecting and recycling the partially used bathroom amenities used by their guest instead of throwing them away. And further, they are committed to saving lives across the globe through their participation with Clean the World.

Isn’t it wonderful to see a property like the Rivertown Inn, so committed to their own beauty and preservation, also committed the beauty and preservation of impoverished people in the US and in countries so far away? Show your support by staying with them when you are planning your next romantic getaway.

Rivertown Inn- Thank you for joining the family and changing history with us!



Broomfield, CO. — November 11, 2009 — High in the Colorado Rockies a life-saving necessity is making it’s way to the island nation of Haiti and abroad.

By partnering with Clean the World, Inc., RockResorts is collecting barely-used soap and shampoo from its collection of 8 hotels and enabling the Orlando charity to provide the much-needed supplies to needy people in Broomfield, CO. — November 11, 2009 — High in the Colorado Rockies a life-saving necessity is making its way to the island nation of Haiti and abroad.

By partnering with Clean the World, Inc., RockResorts is collecting barely-used soap and shampoo from its collection of 8 hotels and enabling the Orlando charity to provide the much-needed supplies to needy people in homeless shelters and impoverished countries around the world.

Recently Clean the World delivered a shipment of 45,000 bars of soap to Cap Hatien, Haiti. Another 100,000 bars just arrived in Haiti, the poorest country of the western hemisphere, to be distributed in the upcoming days. Clean the World also distributes soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and bath gel to domestic homeless shelters. With the RockResorts partnership, Clean the World will begin distributing these necessities to Colorado homeless shelters as well.

3.5 million children die annually to acute respiratory illness and diarrheal disease. That’s approximately 9,000 children every single day. Clinical studies show that these deaths can be reduced by up to 65% with soap interventions and hand washing education. Incredibly, 1 million bars of soap are discarded into US landfills daily.

“We are very pleased to be working with RockResorts to help those that need it most,” said Managing Director of Clean the World, Paul Till. “Together with RockResorts, Clean the World will focus on saving our planet and saving lives worldwide. We anticipate many more distribution fronts in the near future, including planned soap interventions into Sri Lanka and the Philippines.”

The Need for Soap
Clinical studies by the World Health Organization and others show that the use of soap in hand washing reduces the incidence of diarrheal disease and acute respiratory illness which combined are the leading causes of death in children under the age of five. By providing soap to impoverished people Clean the World hopes to greatly reduce these deaths.

Sterilization Process and Distribution Efforts
The donated soap is processed by Clean the World in partnership with Central Care Mission in Orlando, Florida. Central Care Mission is a long term men’s recovery home that takes homeless men off the streets, recovers them from addictions and changes their lives. At their recycling facility, Central Care Mission employees and volunteers clean the collected soap and sterilize it using a proprietary steaming process. The soap is then packaged for later distribution.

Primarily supported by the generous donations of individuals and corporations, Clean the World is recycling soap from hotels that would otherwise end up in landfills across the United States. The effort has a dual benefit of reduced waste and saving lives.

In addition to Haiti, Clean the World has distributed soap internationally to other missions and charitable organizations including the Floating Doctors, World Vision, Harvest Time International, and missions to Lesotho, South Africa and Freeport, Bahamas.
Domestically, the Salvation Army, Covenant House, STAR Family Center and about 15 other missions and shelters have received soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion.

“RockResorts is proud to partner with Clean the World to help provide supplies to homeless shelters and impoverished countries around the world,” said Paul Toner, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of RockResorts and Vail Resorts Hospitality. “This partnership is a perfect complement to the RockResorts “ECHO” corporate social responsibility program, which aims to protect the environment, promote social responsibility and foster community engagement.”

About Clean the World Foundation, Inc.
An Orlando-based charitable organization, Clean the World Foundation, Inc. is committed to the prevention of illness and death caused by acute respiratory infection and diarrheal disease in countries across the globe. In an effort to prevent these needless deaths from occurring, Clean the World Foundation collects discarded soap and shampoo from hotels to be recycled and distributed these soap products along with appropriate educational materials to domestic homeless shelters and impoverished countries worldwide. With the donations of these discarded soap and shampoo products, Clean the World Foundation is a step closer to reaching their goal of preventing the millions of lives lost each year — and they’re doing it one bar of soap at a time. Clean the World Foundation, Inc is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization.

About RockResorts
RockResorts, a wholly owned subsidiary of Vail Resorts, owns and operates luxury resort hotels that offer casually elegant accommodations, lavish RockResorts Spas, renowned golf courses, award-winning dining and a variety of exciting outdoor adventures. The RockResorts collection includes The Arrabelle at Vail Square and The Lodge at Vail in Vail, Colo.; Hotel Jerome in Aspen, Colo.; The Osprey at Beaver Creek and The Pines Lodge in Beaver Creek, Colo.; La Posada de Santa Fe Resort & Spa in Santa Fe, N.M.; Snake River Lodge & Spa in Jackson Hole, Wyo.; and The Landings St. Lucia, Rodney Bay, St. Lucia. Future RockResorts include: Tempo Miami in Miami, Fla. (scheduled to open in 2010); Balcones del Atlántico, Dominican Republic (scheduled to open in 2010); One Ski Hill Place in Breckenridge, Colo. (scheduled to open in 2010); The Mansfield Inn at Stowe in Stowe, Vt. (scheduled to open in winter 2011/2012); Rum Cay Resort Marina, The Bahamas (scheduled to open in 2012); and the Third Turtle Club & Spa, Turks and Caicos (scheduled to open in 2013). Follow RockResorts on Twitter: @RockResortsNEWS


What do you think? The Garden State’s first CTW hospitality partner…

Day three in New York and what an amazing Hotel and Restaurant Show! I had a number of wonderful meetings yesterday once again. From high ranking hotel executives to other wonderful non-profits that recycle hotel soap and ensure used bottled amenities are distributed to homeless shelters, the discussions were extremely positive.

One topic that was extremely prevalent and most interesting focused on a Clean the World line or brand of retail soap and shampoo. Similar to the TOMS Shoes model, where an individual who buys a pair of shoes guarantees that another pair is given to a child in need, Clean the World is embarking on the same concept. So what if when you shopped at a retailer such as Target or CVS or Whole Foods, you could purchase a wonderfully scented, all natural bar of soap that ensured for every single purchase of that bar, Clean the World would recycle and distribute 10 bars of soap to an impoverished country to Save Lives? Or for every bottle of shampoo purchased, 10 smaller bottles of shampoo would not be discarded into a landfill, but instead given to a woman’s or men’s shelter in the United States? I think we are on to something here… More on this subject to come soon!

Our ability to recycle soap and potentially offer an individual at a retail store to help our cause stems from one incredible group- all the Clean the World Recycling Hospitality Partners. It’s their commitment to Saving our Planet and Saving Lives that makes this all possible. And today, the family became a little bigger and the commitment was made stronger as the Hamilton Park Hotel and Conference Center located in Florham Park, New Jersey, joined the CTW family.

About an hour outside of New York City and minutes from one of my favorite airports, Newark International, this 219 room property just underwent a $10 million renovation. They tout beautifully manicured lawns and gardens throughout the property and as we viewed the photo gallery, every single photo presented vibrant colors and shapes inside and outside of the property. And isn’t it appropriate that our very first property in New Jersey, the Garden State, features such beautiful grounds! Weddings, conferences and now recycling their hotel soap and shampoo to Save Lives are what Hamilton Park Hotel is all about. Check them out here: http://www.hamiltonparkhotel.com/ and make sure you book with them on your next visit to NJ or email and let them know how happy you are that they are a part of the Clean the World family.

Have a great day!


NY Show Update and the First CTW Partner from Tampa, FL…

Monday morning in the Big Apple and the weather is awesome. High’s in the 60’s today and sunny. Yesterday was a great day at the show. Marietta Corp has been extremely gracious and a wonderful partner allowing Clean the World to make their booth home. It was my pleasure to meet Ray and Steven, new to the Marietta team, and CEO Don for the first time. As always Melissa is a dear friend and wonderful champion for Clean the World, constantly introducing us to friends and partners, and telling our story. And our partnership is officially- official! In 2010, hotels will have an opportunity to buy a new twist on an exidting amenity line- Pro Terra has officially merged with Clean the World. More details on this new line as it rolls out but this opporutunity will place the CTW logo and message on approximately 13 million bars of soap and bottles of shampoo, conditioner and lotion. Incredible!

I also met with individuals from Rational, Victory and Torrey, all interested in possibly donating old or used equipment to Clean the World necessary to run our recycling facilities. Sweet!

A number of meetings occurred with sanitization and eco-conscious organizations, as well as independent and national brand hotel executives. Great stuff!

Today, we have meetings lined up with two non-profits that may be possible partners with Clean the World in the future. Working together with other charitable organizations focused on helping others and saving lives…. What an awesome thought!

And a special thank you for the wonderful dinner and time spent with Kathie and Adam last night. Kathie, CEO of Gilchrist & Soames had some wonderful ideas for ways to partner with Clean the World. We are so excited to continue those discussions in the coming days and weeks.

And here is a GREAT way to start what will be a WONDERFUL WEEK! We are so pleased to welcome the Hampton Inn & Suites in Tampa, Florida located in Ybor City to the Clean the World Hospitality Partner family. Located in the historic and extremely fun Ybor City, we recommend a fun and late night on the town in Ybor City, and then a safe and comfortable stay at a CTW partner hotel committed to Saving our Planet and Saving Lives! Check them out here: http://www.hamptoninn.com/en/hp/hotels/index.jhtml?ctyhocn=TPAYBHX . And what a great distinction- The Hampton Inn & Suites in Tampa- Ybor City is our very first CTW Recycling partner hotel in Tampa, Florida. Congratulations and Thank You for leading the way!

Have a great week… more to come from NY soon!


Off to the Big Apple for the Big Show!

Getting ready to leave the warm weather and sunny skies of Central Florida for the moderately chilly, but not too bad, and mostly sunny skies of the Big Apple! Clean the World is attending our first ever International Hotel/ Motel & Restaurant Show (http://www.ihmrs.com/attendee/ ) being held at the Javits Center in New York City. The show brings together hoteliers, vendors, suppliers, marketers and executives from all aspects of the hotel and restaurant industries.

Our good friends and partners Marietta Corp, (http://mariettacorp.com/ ), a leading hotel amenity provider, invited Clean the World to their booth for the duration of the show. There, we will have an opportunity to stand behind one of their new lines of amenities for 2010, the Pro Terra/ Clean the World line of soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. Additionally, Clean the World will have an opportunity to talk to Marietta’s national hotel chain clients about adding a Clean the World logo to their custom amenities placed in their guest rooms. Exciting stuff!

We are also meeting with another prominent amenity provider, Gilchrist & Soames (http://www.gilchristsoames.com/). Gilchrist & Soames offers high end amenities, found in the most luxurious hotels around the world. In an effort to reduce landfill waste and provide a recycling partnership to their high end hotel partners, Gilchrist & Soames CEO and I will meet to discuss ways to offer Clean the World’s recycling program to their clients. We are very excited about a potential partnership with this high end amenity provider.

In addition we will meet with many independent hotel and chain executives. It should be a wonderful time getting our message out to the industry that is adopting us every single day. We are counting on the hospitality industry to be the catalyst behind Changing History in Our Lifetime… one hotel room and bar of soap at a time!

Have a great week… More to come from the show!


Two Big Thank You’s and a CTW Needs List…

Time to make special mention of two companies that have helped support Clean the World with supplies and service donations.

First to thank: RVI (Randall Vannoy Industries). RVI recently donated much needed items for the CTW recycling center in Orlando, FL. We recently received a dolly, tape, and tape guns. Randall continues to be on the lookout for necessary items and is always spreading the word about Clean the World. RVI installs curtains and dividers for commercial coolers across Central Florida. RVI is located in St. Cloud, FL and can be reached at 407-460-1123. Randall- THANK YOU!!

Next up- Sunbelt Rentals and our good friend Travis. Sunbelt provides Clean the World with an extremely important piece of equipment needed to sanitize our soap. Because our steaming process takes 3-phase electricity and the CTW recycling facility does not have 3-phase electricity, we must use a generator when it is time to sanitize the soap. We usually use the generator and sanitize soap prior to major soap distributions. Clean the World literally sanitizes tens of thousands of bars of soap when the generator arrives. Sunbelt has been extremely generous donating the generator at times for free or giving Clean the World extremely favorable rates for its use. Extra days of use have been the norm for Sunbelt. They are a wonderful equipment rental company with locations all over the country and we strongly encourage our fans to use Sunbelt whenever possible. Here is a link to their site: http://www.sunbeltrentals.com/  Travis at Sunbelt- THANK YOU!

It’s a good time to list items that Clean the World’s recycling facility needs. If you can donate any item below, please contact scooper@ctw2.wpstagecoach.com:

• Commercial steaming unit manufactured by Rational or similar (requires 3- phase elec., 440/480 V.31.5 KW)
• Commercial cooling unit by True Manufacturing or similar
• Round trip shipping bins manufactured By U-Line, 19.5 in. wide by 24 in. long by 12 in. high or similar
• Metal Sheet Trays 17 ¾ by 25 ¾
• Metal or Teflon Grilles 15 ¾ by 23 ¾
• Boxes 24 ½ wide by 33 ½ long by 11 in. high
• Pallets
• Plastic Bins 18 gallon and 30 gallon
• Heavy duty dollies
• Pallet jack
• Plastic 50 gallon garbage cans
• Heavy duty garbage bags
• 12 in. industrial size saran wrap
• 24 in. shrink wrap
• Plastic or metal storage racks
• Packaging tape
• Lysol spray
• Bleach
• Latex gloves
• Respiratory masks
• Plastic zip ties
• 6 and 8 ft. vinyl tables
• Office supplies (pens, notepads, office paper, blank DVD’s, ink toner, paper clips, sharpies, etc)
• Utility knives
• Dry Wall knives- 6 in. and 12 in.
• Hoses and nozzles
• Brooms and dust pans

Thank you all for your support and please have a WONDERFUL and BLESSED WEEKEND !!!


Magic Makers !

So there we are… Paul and I standing directly behind the Phoenix Suns bench at last night’s Orlando Magic – Phoenix Suns game at Amway Arena in Orlando. The whistle blows for the second timeout of the first quarter and we begin to be escorted to center court.

There we stand, with Bo Outlaw, a former Orlando Magic basketball player, arms around both Paul and I on center court in front of a packed house, 14,000 strong. Doing what you ask? Well, last night, Clean the World was recognized by the Orlando Magic as Magic Makers!!

Magic Makers are individuals dedicated to making the Central Florida Community a better place. We are not on the site yet, but here is more information on the recognition received: http://www.nba.com/magic/community/magicmakers.html

It was a very exciting moment for Paul, myself and the entire Clean the World family as our organization’s name and story was put on the jumbo-tron and described by the Orlando Magic announcer to the entire arena.

It was only 10 days ago at the Orlando Magic opening game that our dear friend and Magic advocate Spencer spoke to the Magic’s director of multi-cultural and cause marketing, Lucas, about Clean the World. Lucas was immediately intrigued and asked us to send him information about our cause and our mission. We did, and Lucas made the entire recognition and center court event, a monumental one for us, happen in lightning fast time.

We are incredibly grateful to Lucas for quickly understanding our mission, our purpose, and recognizing our small, yet meaningful contribution to Central Florida and impoverished people abroad.

And now, we want to make our own recognition of an individual that has been there with Clean the World since its inception. Spencer has been my friend and Magic representative for more than a year. It was only a few months ago that I sat with Spencer and told him the vision of Clean the World. He immediately understood it and praised our efforts. Over the past several months, Spencer has continued to encourage us, spread the word about our cause, and been a huge fan. It was because of his word of mouth that Lucas found us, and then recognized us last night. And throughout the year that I have known him and the months he has known about Clean the World, there is one extremely evident trait about Spencer- he truly cares!

Spencer- please accept our award as Clean the World’s First Magic Maker!!


The Beautiful Biltmore in Coral Gables, FL joins Clean the World

Paul Till, CTW co-Founder and I had the distinct pleasure of visiting one of the nicest, most luxurious hotels in South Florida. The Historic Biltmore Hotel of Coral Gables, built in the 1920’s, features 275 guest rooms, an 18 hole golf course, 10 tennis courts, acclaimed restaurants and 70,000 square feet of conference and meeting space.

Visit their site to see the magnificent pictures and read all the property details here: http://www.biltmorehotel.com/index.php but know this: that even the beautiful property shots online do not truly describe how breathtaking and beautiful this four star, four diamond property- The Biltmore- Coral Gables actually is.

From driving the beautiful grounds up to the main entrance, to passing the nostalgic Rolls Royce stationed in front of valet, to the shops in the lobby, and the masterful design and architecture, this property deserves all the accolades.

And now, by joining the Clean the World Recycling Program, The Biltmore- Coral Gables has another beautiful feature to add to their portfolio. Instead of throwing away the partially and slightly used bathroom amenities after their use, the Biltmore collects those items, stores them in hygienically and environmentally safe Clean the World recycling totes, and then donates the precious items to help Save Lives!

Championed by the Director of Green Initiatives, Fidel, it took the Biltmore one short visit to decide they would participate and embrace our program.

Thank you Fidel and the entire Biltmore- Coral Gables team for your commitment to not only the beauty found at your property, but to the beautiful causes of Saving our Planet and Saving Lives!!


Clean the World is Privileged to help The Floating Doctors!

What a great blog to start a great week with: Let me tell you about an awesome non-profit, with very cool people who are truly focused on addressing needs, overcoming obstacles, and getting help to those that need it most.

Last week, Clean the World had the privilege of delivering 858 pounds of soap and over 2,000 sewing kits to a massive, 76 foot sailboat. The Southern Wind, as its named, is fully loaded with 20,000 pounds of medical supplies as it sets sail on its mission. Pushing out to sea from St. Augustine, FL yesterday, November 1, The Southern Wind is taking its 15 member crew of extremely talented and caring individuals on a 15 country sail.

But this isn’t just a medical supply transport boat. No, it is far, far more… It’s the Floating Doctors! A floating, sailing, navigating on the high seas, non-profit doctor’s office. Fully equipped with supplies, a labratory, and, well, very cool doctors and medical students committed to serving and helping those that need them and their practice. The Floating Doctors are committed to Saving Lives!

Led by Dr. Banjamin LaBrot, the Floating Doctors overcome shipping and logistical challenges often preventing these critical, life saving supplies and practices from reaching the islands and areas of the Caribbean, Central America and the Pacific that they will sail to and serve. In addition to Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama, The Floating Doctors will take supplies to Cap Haitien, Haiti, an area very dear and close to the heart of Clean the World.

Dr. Ted Kaplan, our dear friend and partner, who heads the Cap Haitien Health Network, has coordinated with the Floating Doctors to pay a visit to the northern region of Haiti, desperate for medical supplies and doctor visits. It is because of Dr. Ted Kaplan that Clean the World learned of The Floating Doctors and was privileged to supply soap and sewing kits to the floating medical mission.

CNN recently did a wonderful, detailed story on The Floating Doctors. Please click on this link, read the story, and watch the video. This is an amazing group of individuals that is sacrificing a tremendous amount, leaving friends, family and jobs, to meet the medical needs of people that truly need it. http://www.cnn.com/2009/HEALTH/10/28/floating.doctors.sailboat/index.html

Again, I cannot stress this enough- We at Clean the World are very privileged to have been able to be a part of helping The Floating Doctors on their mission. Please think about them, pray for them, and maybe even send them a note of encouragement at their web-site: http://floatingdoctors.com/ .

Have a great week!

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